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Supertainer: The Next Generation of Paint Packaging

RPC Containers Oakham has launched the Supertainer, its latest innovation in plastic paint can design that delivers a lower carbon footprint and enhanced decoration possibilities, while maintaining the same dimensions for logistics and on-shelf storage.



The Supertainer demonstrates the value of RPC Oakham’s long-term commitment to packaging for surface coating products, which has seen its product range evolve alongside technical breakthroughs to offer the best possible solution to the industry.



"Our straight-sided plastic ‘can’ designs have been in production for over 30 years, but Supertainer is the next generation,” explains Brian Edwards, Technical Manager at RPC Oakham. "Visibly no different to what has gone before, the key change has been to take material out of the container body to match the latest advances in polymer strength and meet sustainability targets.”



RPC Oakham’s expertise allowed designers and production line staff to correlate the can’s actual performance in the marketplace, to determine how much material could be removed to reduce the can’s carbon footprint. The result is a design that avoids being ‘overengineered’ to a theoretical performance, because it is based on extensive real-world research.



The Supertainer has been piloted for 18 months to ensure confidence in its performance, and RPC Oakham is supporting the move with considerable investment on production lines.

This includes new equipment developed specifically to handle high-quality in-mould labelling (IML) and self-adhesive labels, underlining RPC Oakham’s credentials in matching functionality with eye-catching aesthetics.