Atlantic Zeiser and Hugo Beck forge a technology partnership for high-end mailing solution VERSAMAIL

Friday, July 29, 2011

Atlantic Zeiser’s cost-effective finishing and mailing system is the ideal extension to card manufacturers’ personalization environments.
VERSAMAIL offers running speeds of up to 28,000 products per hour – Hugo Beck is to become a development and production partner.


Atlantic Zeiser offers complete end-to-end systems for modular and highly secure card solutions and will in future be working even more closely together with Hugo Beck GmbH & Co. KG, based in Dettingen/Erms, Germany. Carl-Michael Heüveldop, Vice President of Card Systems at Atlantic Zeiser and Horst Heimann, Managing Director at Hugo Beck, have signed a comprehensive collaboration agreement on the ongoing development and production of high-end mailing solution, VERSAMAIL. Hugo Beck has been a supplier to Atlantic Zeiser for many years, and has outstanding expertise in the field of packaging machine construction. VERSAMAIL is part of the company’s portfolio of products for high-quality and cost-effective card personalization, card finishing, card mailing and lifecycle management.



ATZ_Hugo_Beck_Coop_6710 (from left to right) Carl-Michael Heüveldop, Vice President Card Systems, Atlantic Zeiser; Horst Heimann, Managing Director, Hugo Beck; Dr. Bernhard Müller, COO, Atlantic Zeiser



Carl-Michael Heüveldop on the technology partnership: “We are very much looking forward to strengthening our existing collaboration of many years with such experienced specialists thanks to the comprehensive technology partnership recently agreed on developing and producing complex transport units and packaging machines. This will bring together Atlantic Zeiser's sector-specific expertise with the technological expertise of Hugo Beck.”


Horst Heimann reiterates: “Technology partnerships always offer significant potential for both sides. Hugo Beck is forming an extended business relationship with Atlantic Zeiser that along with the collaboration agreement concluded on VERSAMAIL, reaches a whole new level of mutual gain – a real win/win situation for everyone involved.“



VERSAMAIL – Perfect Extension to Personalization Environments

Card manufacturers are achieving complex finishing on high-volume runs thanks to VERSAMAIL, the cost-effective finishing, packaging and mailing system from Atlantic Zeiser Group, a global technology leader in card personalization. The modular solution is used in a wide variety of applications, from simple attaching to more complex ‘attach and match’ and ‘attach and personalize’ jobs required for gift card packaging and envelope-less loyalty card mailings.






Many alternative card mailing and packaging solutions offer features and options for tackling complex jobs, but are compromised by their limited running speed, which leads to a high cost per product. In contrast, VERSAMAIL offers a running speed of up to 28,000 products per hour while still providing the high degree of flexibility required by card manufacturers.


VERSAMAIL is simple-to-use and offers fast set-up times and a short learning curve for operators and maximum productivity for card manufacturers. 


Highest attach precisions are achieved using Atlantic Zeiser-designed Pick & Place feeders, which enable easy change over between portrait and landscape cards, and can attach even with inline reading of the card’s magstripe without the necessity of any bump turn.

VERSAMAIL offers various folding options and allows inline high-quality carrier printing of variable data, such as numbers, barcodes and addresses.


Carl-Michael Heüveldop, Vice President Card Systems, Atlantic Zeiser, comments: “VERSAMAIL is based on a versatile platform, so it can handle a wide range of applications. This kind of flexibility sets it apart from rival systems – other solutions can also handle particular industry jobs, but they are blighted by their limited versatility and high set-up times. VERSAMAIL, on the other hand, can get through 28,000 products per hour by offering a maximum of flexibility with a minimum of set-up times, enabling users to increase their productivity and increase revenue.”

A full overview of Atlantic Zeiser solutions can be found at Further information about Hugo Beck can be found at

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