Fresh Fruity Sleeves for Folkington’s Juices

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sophisticated sleeves have been created by a leading shrink sleeve manufacturer for the elegant and fruity new juice range Folkington’s.
Chadwicks Sleeves has given Folkingtons a classic look to reflect the superior quality of this high-end fruit juice range. The oranges, apples and tomatoes that make up the three flavours of Folkington’s juices are all grown in select orchards of Catalonia, Spain, giving the juice its distinct flavour and taste.




An elegant packaging design was created using seven-colour UV flexo printed shrink sleeves with high opacity white ink, ensuring a completely opaque finish to prevent the vibrant colours of the juices showing through. The sleeves were then finished with a surface matt lacquer to given them a more tactile feel.


Aimed more at the adult market, the ‘grown-up’ juice range combines unique tastes of expertly blended fruity tasting notes that tantalise the taste buds. The range is free from additives and only uses the ripest fruit picked at just the right time for juicing.


Chadwicks is part of the Performance Films and Foils business unit of the Flexible Packaging Division of the global Clondalkin Group, and works with sister company Nyco in Switzerland to deliver expert packaging solutions to its customers.


Richard Cutworth, business development manager at Chadwicks Sleeves, said: “The new Folkington’s juices are some of the best on the market and with high quality ingredients its taste is unrivalled. The bespoke packaging solution we created for the drinks reflects its quality and enhances its shelf presence.


“In such a competitive market, we were able to use our shrink sleeve expertise to give the Folkington’s juice range an added level of shelf presence using special techniques and finishes. Our in-house 3D proofing software also enabled us to complete pre-distortion work to ensure that the logo and design were clear on the finished sleeve.”


Paul Bendit of Metro Drinks Ltd, said: “We had a specific look for this product in mind and Chadwicks was able to give the bottles a high quality finish, while also working with the designs to minimise distortion during production.


“Chadwicks provided an excellent solution to our packaging needs and our customers are very pleased with both the look and feel of the shrink sleeves, which reflect the quality of our brand.”



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