LabelExpo 2011: Raise the curtain for HERMAperfect

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Raise the curtain" is the curtain call adopted by HERMA for its booth, resembling a stage, at the forthcoming LabelExpo Europe in Brussels (Sept. 28 РOct. 1, 2011). At the fair, HERMA will be showcasing its innovative HERMAperfect to an international audience. "Our multi-layer coating technology, an advanced variant of curtain coating, will be making its large-scale debut before a pan-European audience Рon a booth that itself represents an advance on the 2009 concept," says HERMA managing director Dr. Thomas Baumgärtner, describing the company's exhibition in Hall 11, Booth 11R100. "Our booth at the preceding event was very well attended, and this year we intend to focus even more intently on our innovations. Every one of our customers will be able to see how they can benefit from our progressive and comprehensive package."

The most recent product to emerge from the company's "perfect" stable is the innovative adhesive HERMAperfectTack, which was introduced to the market on April 1, 2011. Multi-layer coating technology is used to apply an additional, second layer, which further enhances the initial tack of labels applied in testing conditions, such as low temperatures and moisture. The second layer influences the flow behaviour of the adhesive and thus ensures that it bonds faster and better with the surface to which the label is being attached. One growing field of application is the blow-on method of applying labels to pre-packed food. Hot-melt adhesives have been the most popular in this segment thus far, but they are often more difficult to process and the risk of "adhesive bleeding" is considerably greater with this conventional practice. In addition, the HERMAperfectTack 62Gpt adhesive has been tested to ISEGA standard for direct food contact. The adhesive layer is suitable for direct contact with dry, moist and fatty foodstuffs (reduction factor 4).

Turning his attention to ongoing developments, Dr. Baumgärtner comments, "We are working towards establishing a high value-added HERMAperfect series of products as the standard." HERMA is currently expanding the range and already intends to present another perfect product exclusively at the fair.

Curtain coating enables the self-adhesive solutions specialist to apply extremely consistent coats. For standard adhesives, HERMA guarantees application tolerances of just 1.5 grams per square metre. Supreme die-cutting, enhanced printability and consistent adhesion quality are thus ensured. At the trade fair, HERMA will also be stressing that its self-adhesive material has practically no measurable transverse section, consisting of peaks and valleys of adhesive.

Another new product being exhibited at the fair is HERMA LAM, a specially developed label paper for printing with a CO2 laser (black colour change). Since CO2 laser printing is a contactless technology, the new HERMA material cannot be damaged, and neither smudgeable nor volatile particles arise. The HERMA LAM concept stands for productivity and flexibility: the use of a CO2 laser allows the labels to be individually inscribed anywhere in the process – within or outside of a production line and either before or after the labels are dispensed. Thanks to its protective coating, this material is suitable for all applications that call for a non-smudge and scratchproof label paper that also resists oil and grease. HERMA LAM is the ideal choice, therefore, for demanding and dusty production environments. Given that inscription with a CO2 laser is a low-maintenance operation, moreover, downtimes can be demonstrably reduced. In conclusion, this flexible, fast and precise printing process offers high contrast, exact edge definition and outstanding resistance to ageing, so that it is ideal for plain text, graphics and barcodes in any arrangement. Since HERMA is currently the only supplier of a material with these qualities, interest at the fair is likely to be high.


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