Labelexpo Europe: Excitement Builds for Operators' Day

Friday, July 29, 2011

Excitement Builds for Operators' Day
Operators’ Day is organised by FINAT and its affiliated national label associations in Europe, in association with Labelexpo. The event, that will be held on the Shows Closing Day, Saturday 1 October (tickets will be valid as of Friday afternoon 15.00 hrs.), is aimed at production personnel of label companies visiting Labelexpo: those workers involved in design and prepress, plate production, press operation (conventional or digital) and converting (including die cutting, slitting, rewinding). As the name suggests, it is dedicated exclusively to showing operators new solutions, processes and practices that will help them improve how
they work.



The tailored programme will introduce operators to a special Show Trail featuring member companies exhibiting at the show, and will feature an educational competition with prizes awarded at the closing ceremony. The Operators Show Trail will include a variety of aspects associated with the self-adhesive manufacturing process, from materials and prepress technology through to the printing process. Via the websites of FINAT and the national associations, they will be invited to prepare themselves for the Trail.



Michael Jagiella, Technical and Production Leader at Germany’s Gundlach LOGO, comments: “I regularly visit Labelexpo, as it’s the most important show for our industry.


FIN_Michael_Jagiella_Logo-Etiketten Michael Jagiella

Operators’ Day is a very important initiative – it’s the perfect opportunity to learn about new technologies and get updates on all the key issues affecting our business.


“It’s also a great place for making new contacts and sharing information. I’m looking forward to discovering how my peers do things, and how I could incorporate what I’ve learned into our production process.”



For Jan Kerkwijk, Foreman at Dutch company, Kolibri Labels, Operators’ Day represents a chance to fill in any knowledge gaps: “We work in a fast-changing environment. And with technology advancing all the time, there are always new things to learn. Ultimately, the better you know your machines and everything they can do, the more value you’ll get from them.


FIN_Jan_Kerkwijk_Kolibri Jan Kerkwijk





“Operators’ Day is crucial because it gives us a chance to really get on top of the latest technological developments. And because it’s within an educational context, we can explore how the latest innovations could be deployed at our own companies, and get an understanding of the impact they might have from both a production and commercial



Meanwhile Yohann Peyronnet, Operator at French label manufacturer, Stratus Packaging, says the company will be taking 100 staff to Labelexpo and Operators’ Day will be the highlight: “Operators’ Day will be a great opportunity to meet face to face with suppliers. We’ll be able to share with them the challenges we’re facing, and discuss how we can overcome them.


FIN_Yohann_Peyronnet_Stratus-Packaging Yohann Peyronnet



“Also, it’s very nice to have a day dedicated solely to operators – it’s recognition of how important it is that we have the opportunity to build on our print education and develop our skills.”



FINAT Managing Director, Jules Lejeune, believes Operators’ Day not only advances operators’ skills and knowledge, but also benefits the whole company: “Operators’ Day focuses on a very important group in our industry. It’s really important for companies to invest time and resources in them. Operators’ Day aims to do just that. It will be an educational experience – operators will be able to put what they learn into practise at their own print environments.”



FINAT, founded in Paris in 1958 with headquarters in The Hague (The Netherlands), is the world-wide association for manufacturers of self-adhesive labels and related products and services. With 600 members in over 50 countries around the world, FINAT has much to offer to label converters and all suppliers to the labeling industry in terms of information exchange and the opportunity to network internationally.

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