Ararat Beer Launched in Armenia

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gyumri – Garejour, LLC, a leading independent brewery of Armenia, launched its new bitter beer – ‘Ararat Beer’ on June 10th 2011. CARTILS was asked to design the 2D and 3D presentation for the new product development. Positioned as an upper mainstream beer, its taste was specifically developed to appeal to the Armenian population who grew up drinking strong, bitter tasting beers during the Soviet Union era.
The design developed by CARTILS focuses on Ararat, which is the name of a famous mountain with two peaks situated between Turkey and Armenia. Its long history, influencing many civilizations, has made it sacred to all Armenians. It was therefore iconized on the label and added as an embossing on the neck of the bottle.

The logo was written in large capital letters for an authoritative appearance, while a hint of cuneiform in the first letter ‘A’ adds authenticity and uniqueness to the brand. The holding device provides powerful contrast, ensuring strong standout on shelf. The use of gold throughout the label adds a more premium feel to the brand while the black accents underline  the bitter taste expectation. Finally, the bottle was given a unique shape with broader shoulders for a more masculine appeal.

Ararat Beer was launched in the Armenian market with the support of an advertising campaign, from which the TV commercial can be viewed here.

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