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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Edale, the UK manufacturers of narrow web printing and converting equipment can today reveal the installation of an Edale Lambda to CTEL technology centre based in Navarra, Spain. This installation follows a successful sale from Edale’s Spanish distributor, Sercoyse.


In order to investigate new possibilities in the field of printing and converting; CTEL, who operate under the umbrella of Cetena, a non-profit organisation and CEMITEC – the Centre of Multidisciplinary Innovation and Technology Foundation specialising in printed intelligence; in particular for the food, renewable energy and health sectors. The print function of the organisation is seen as a fantastic
opportunity for the future of the graphic arts industry and ICT. In addition, CTEL technology centre is the first nationwide organisation to specialise exclusively in this area, and aim to be a national leader in this
area of print development.


As CTEL will be using this particular machine as a development line, it has been set up for product trials rather than mass production. Francisco Garcia, Manager of Sercoyse says “CTEL conducted detailed

research into potential equipment manufacturers, but settled on the Edale Lambda due to its flexibility, upgradeability and the fact that the company viewed it as a future proof investment”


The Edale Lambda is an infinitely flexible converting solution, allowing the end user to change the sequence of any modules or the position of any idler and winder, enabling almost any process or web path configuration. When combined with Edale’s extensive inventory of converting options, the Lambda becomes the ultimate solution for any specialist converter.


Garcia continues, “The Lambda allows any type of converting configuration and is easily modified over time depending on business needs, so there will be no need to change machines and no risk to the client of the machine becoming outdated.”



The acquisition of the new Edale system was the result of a thorough selection process, with the mission of sourcing a machine for high-quality printing and converting, that would allow CTEL to undertake
various research and development opportunities for the coming years. The machine has gravure printing equipment (forward and reverse), rotary screen and flexo, as well as incorporating drying systems, UV
and corona treatment. It is capable of processing at 330mm wide and with speeds of up to 150m/min. It consists of two separate areas for processing solvent-based and non-solvent based inks. In the area of ​ ​
solvents, CTEL have considered all the safety measures for curing in high temperature conditions.



The installation was finalised earlier this year after six months of manufacture, verifying and testing at Edale’s Head Office based in Hampshire, UK. As with any installation this size, this has been accompanied by full installation and product training from Edale engineers. "Coordination with the Edale team has been key to the successful implementation of this machine" said Fernando Varela, head of Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Engineering, CEMITEC.


“Where it really shows the advantage over competitor products is that it is possible to generate a machine 'to measure' based on standard modules that are integrated by Edale within a few weeks. You can integrate tools for printing, converting, laminating, all within a single frame at a price comparable to a standard machine. And best of all, you can modify its layout, and largely without losing investment. For the activity of the CTEL technology centre these are the positive advantages" says Fernando Varela.



The Lambda concept is unique, with an open framework in which an unlimited range of modules are available, and each base unit is capable of accommodating up to four independent modules. Each module is positioned on a sliding platform on the base unit, enabling adjustment for optimum performance, or reconfiguration for alternative applications and flexibility. In the case of CTEL, they have installed two, one for solvent ink printing and one for water-based inks and UV.



For more information on the Lambda, or any of Edale’s product range then please log on to our www.edale.com



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About Edale:


Edale are the UK-based manufacturer of narrow web printing and converting presses specialising in Flexographic Printing, Digital Printing, Commercial Security and Converting Solutions.


Edale are proud to be one of just a few UK print manufacturers, designing and manufacturing all machines at their Head Office in Hampshire. With Edale you can be sure of high quality parts and workmanship alongside innovative and bespoke solutions.

Company website:         www.edale.com
Telephone:                    +44 (0) 1489 569 230

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