FLEXcon Announces New THERMLfilm Product Line

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New High-Temperature Polyimide Film Line Available Worldwide Provides Optimum Print Quality and Consistency for Printed Circuit Board Labeling.

FLEXcon, an innovator in adhesive coating and laminating, today announced the launch of THERMLfilm® HT™, a new advanced line of high-temperature polyimide films able to withstand the fluctuating temperatures, abrasion and chemicals inherent in the printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing process. The new product line will be available worldwide to manufacturers that need high-density barcode and alphanumeric PCB labels, including military contractors and manufacturers of electronics, aerospace and automotive goods. The PCB manufacturing process is one of the harshest environments to which pressure-sensitive films can be subjected. FLEXcon has put extensive development effort into the THERMLfilm® HT™ line. The result is products that meet industry standards and pass all requirements for this challenging environment.  All THERMLfilm® HT™ products are tested to ensure PCB labels will remain adhered and legible throughout the manufacturing process. FLEXcon’s specially formulated topcoat provides a super smooth printing surface. The product is an ideal substrate for high density information such as data matrix codes, and provides consistent ANSI scannability. In addition, the static dissipating qualities of the topcoat minimize the risk of print voids to ensure optimum print quality and consistency.


“As a FLEXcon partner that tests the quality and durability of PCB labels, we must assure our customers that they can meet and surpass the most stringent cleaning requirements,” said Sal Sparacino, Technical Marketing Manager, ZESTRON Corporation. “The THERMLfilm® HT line creates a new industry standard in performance and can withstand the harshest elements, that can ultimately impact produce performance.”

“Printability and heat resistance are the most critical factors in choosing materials for PCB labeling,” said John Bennett, FLEXcon Vice President, Product Identification Business Team. “These labels contain crucial information for the production process which, if lost, result in disruptions that impact profitability, so finding film products you can count on makes all the difference. FLEXcon prides itself on developing reliable solutions that withstand all elements.”



THERMLfilm® HT™ line can endure the standard PCB process as measured by MIL-STD-202G, Notice 12 and MIL-STD-883E, Notice 4. L.a.b barcode scannability testing reveals consistent ANSI scannability after exposure to high heat. Heat resistance testing has revealed endurance at 500°F/260°C continuously for 5 minutes and intermittently at up to 750°F/398°C. In addition, in-line durability testing is performed using VIGON®* A 201 chemical cleaner. This testing combination ensures THERMLfilm® HT™ products will withstand the harsh environment of the in-line reflow and cleaning processes, yielding consistent and maximum performance.


All THERMLfilm® HT™ products are identical worldwide. These 1 and 2 mil polyimide films are held in stock on FLEXcon’s 50 lb. (80 GSM) glassine liner, so whether customers are located in the U.S., Europe, Latin America or Australia, FLEXcon’s distribution centers across the globe keep material on hand for express shipping. Made-to-order products are also available on a 1.5 mil (37 micron) polyester liner and a 50 lb. (80 GSM) SCK liner to meet specific application and dispensing requirements. FLEXcon plans to build a comprehensive line of high-temperature films with additional product launches in the future. For more information please visit www.FLEXcon.com/HT.




About FLEXcon

FLEXcon is an innovator in adhesive coating, laminating and finishing of durable materials used in graphics applications, electronics and new products.  Through a culture of curiosity, flexibility and a drive for excellence, FLEXcon is the trusted partner to a wide range of companies from printers and fabricators to engineers and designers developing products for existing and emerging markets. Headquartered in Spencer, MA the company has operations throughout North America and Europe with distribution worldwide. For more information, visit www.FLEXcon.com

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