Gallus EM 410 S raises the bar

Thursday, August 11, 2011

By commissioning a Gallus EM 410 S, Obchodní tiskárni Kolín (OTK), one of the leading packaging and label manufacturers on the Czech market, is boosting productivity and expanding its range of applications many times over.

Obchodní tiskárni Kolín (OTK), a print shop based 60 km east of Prague, has always been one of the most important packaging and label manufacturers on the Czech market and remains so to this day. OTK's product portfolio ranges from flexible packaging and forms to graphic and adhesive labels. The company extensively updated its production facilities for self-adhesive labels at the start of June this year, installing a new Gallus EM 410 S nine-colour flexographic press – the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic. A further flexographic press from Gallus has long been in use at OTK and is greatly valued for its reliability. However, after purchasing this Gallus press more than twenty years ago, OTK equipped its pressroom with other brands of flexographic presses until the management team decided this year to return to tried-and-tested Swiss quality. The new machine is now located next to the older, still fully functional narrow-web Gallus R 250-F press, providing an interesting contrast between the very latest cutting-edge technology in narrow-web printing and a machine that is several generations older.






As its name suggests, the new nine-colour Gallus EM 410 S press can handle a maximum printing width of 410 mm, with a maximum motif length of 660 mm. Its high level of modularity and versatility supports a wide range of jobs. Options include combining flexographic printing with further printing and finishing processes in a single pass. A whole range of substrates, including paper and various film types (PP, PET, PVC and PE), can also be processed by the Gallus EM 410 S. Furthermore, the newly installed press provides a significant productivity boost throughout the labels sector, not least as it can be operated at a proven speed of 150 metres/minute. The letter "S" in the name of the press stands for servo drive technology, which replaces the central shaft, and sleeve technology. Servo drive technology cuts setup times for job changes quite significantly, lowers startup waste and enhances the quality of the final print. The unique seamless sleeve system used on anilox and printing cylinders for rotary presses in the EM and S series plays a considerable role in reducing operating costs. Sleeves are changed from the operator's side in a process that is extremely simple. All these features make the Gallus EM 410 S ideal for cost-effective processing of a wide range of production jobs. While the high production speed enables processing of high-volume jobs, the fast job changes create the necessary scope for producing shorter runs with minimal waste.



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