Interak Automates Workflow and Increases Efficiency with KODAK Unified Workflow Solutions

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Company turns again to KODAK Solutions to streamline operation, enhance output and improve customer satisfaction.

Polish print service provider, Interak, has automated its workflow and enhanced the efficiency and output of its production environment after investing in KODAK Unified Workflow Solutions.

Interak is one of the most technologically advanced printing houses in Poland. It employs more than 300 people, and services national and international customers.

Investing in the latest print technologies and adopting innovative approaches to print are among this printer’s core values. After implementing the first CTP System in the Polish market in 1999, Interak set about implementing the most effective workflow system for its print environment, and after comprehensive testing the company invested in KODAK PRINERGY CONNECT Workflow.

The KODAK Solution was chosen to help Interak accomplish its strategic goals, which included establishing a state-of-the-art prepress workflow. CEO Andrzej Krzewina comments on the investment: “We made the right choice. The PRINERGY CONNECT Workflow enables us to build stronger, long-term relationships with our customers“

Both our employees and customers appreciate the software’s user-friendly and intuitive interface. It has helped us automate many areas in the customer-print house process, and has enabled us to focus on improving other processes and delivering professional customer support.”

All Interak’s systems are united by a single comprehensive workflow. The KODAK INSITE Storefront System has helped to create a consistent set-up, offering a number of advantages to the customer, such as security at the files approval stage.
“The introduction of the KODAK PRINERGY Rules-Based Automation Software (RBA) has been key to developing our workflow,” continues Krzewina. ”Now we can standardize the prepress process, while at the same time offering clients a customized approach.

“The automation meant we were able to link prepress workflow with our Management Information System (MIS), and within the latter establish automatic production planning. This allows us to monitor the status of particular orders in real-time and automatically make corrections to the prepress schedule without the need for any manual work.” 

KODAK INSITE Prepress Portal System is a crucial part of Interak’s prepress management. “After implementing the solution we reduced the processing time at the first stage, which allowed our customers to make last-minute changes,” adds Krzewina. “Today, the whole process is reported and every user is automatically notified about when files have been submitted or require approval.”

Almost 99% of Interak’s customers use the INSITE Prepress Portal System and many of them have emphasized that they would now find it difficult to work without the tool. They value its ease of usage, 24/7 availability, and the fact they don’t need any other tools apart from a standard Internet browser.

“One of the latest solutions we’ve implemented is KODAK PRESSPROOF Software,” says Krzewina. “The same soft proof is used remotely by an editor, a graphic designer, an in-house  technician and a press operator. The whole process takes place automatically, and enables users to set appropriate access rights.

“The main advantage of the solution is that it eliminates printing, certifying and archiving hardcopy proofs, which unlike soft proofs have limited durability. Our operators have been impressed with how easy the solution is to use, and the fact they can access the full-format proof at any time, ultimately helps confirm the quality of the final product.”

PRESSPROOF Software is also valued by Interak’s customers. Using the KODAK MATCHPRINT Virtual Technology – where soft proofs are generated online via KODAK INSITE Prepress Portal System – customers can quickly make decisions regarding colour standards. Furthermore, production costs have dropped, and the decision-making process is now much faster.

The success of Interak’s implementation of KODAK Solutions has helped improve customer satisfaction. A good example is the company’s co-operation with a trade journal. Previously the customer submitted files on CD and approvals had to be done using hardcopy proofs – all of which meant a three-working-day cycle from sending production files, to pre-flight to approval of the hardcopy proofs. “KODAK INSITE Prepress Portal System has shortened the whole process to just a couple of hours,” explains Krzewina. “It means a publishing house can include more up-to–date information in their magazines and extend the amount of time they can sell advertising.”

Interak was the first sheet-fed offset printing house in Poland to implement KODAK PRINERGY Workflow. The company currently uses most of the available KODAK Unified Workflow Solutions, such as KODAK PRINERGY CONNECT Workflow, KODAK INSITE Prepress Portal System, KODAK INSITE Storefront System, KODAK MATCHPRINT Virtual Technology , and KODAK PRESSPROOF Software. Two years ago, the company also invested in a KODAK NEXPRESS SE3000 Digital Color Production Press “As a Kodak partner and a user of the PRINERGY Solution, we are one of the most technologically advanced sheet-fed offset printers as far as prepress is concerned – both in Poland and worldwide,” concludes Krzewina.   

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