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New Technology Is Here! Revolutionary LED Technology an Industry Breakthrough

After three years of research and development, Empire Screen Printing, Inc. of Onalaska, WI announces a break-through technology that delivers a new level of screen printing capability. Working in close cooperation with their partners, Empire is changing the future of screen printing by introducing UV LED Ink Curing technology that provides economically sound and environmentally friendly sustainable print methods.




This innovation was made possible by pulling together a key set of technology partners: Phoseon Technology, Nazdar Inks and Coatings, and Kammann USA. These companies consolidated their technical resources to design, develop, and execute a new screen printing paradigm. With this new capability, Empire can provide improved print performance with the knowledge their products are being produced in the most environmentally friendly method currently available in the screen prinnewskammann1ting industry.



"As a global supplier of technologically advanced screen printing equipment...I can confidently state the leadership of Empire Screen has forced the world to take a look at what is possible for eco-friendly and sustainable solutions in web screen printing. This leadership will ensure the future advancement of screen printing."



Steve Gilbertson - Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Kammann USA



Empire is the first company to successfully utilize UV LED Ink Curing technology in a screen printing environment. "It feels good and makes us proud that we are pushing technology to change the way business is done in order to save our environment for future generations."



John Freismuth, President of Empire Screen Printing



The three key components of an UV LED curing system are UV LED inks, UV LED curing, and an UV LED printer. These elements produce a long-term sustainable print method through green technology, eliminating ozone emissions and lowering energy consumption.



newskammann2"The result of the collaboration between Nazdar Inks and Coatings, Empire, Phoseon, and Kammann is a milestone in the future of screen printing. Empire has proven that adopting LED technology is key to increasing productivity, reducing cost, and decreasing their impact on the environment all in one stroke. Contributing to this cutting edge solution by developing multiple screen printing inks was imperative for Nazdar in support of the industry."



Phil McGugan, Nazdar Global Vice President of Sales and Marketing



The advantages a UV LED curing system has over traditional mercury vapor curing are as follows:

  • An industry first that eliminates ozone emissions and CFM's (Mercury lamps emit ozone, which requires ventilation systems to remove ozone from the work place, equating to higher energy consumption. The amount of air exchange is calculated by measuring the CFM's)
  • Cubic Feet per Minute: the amount of air exchange leaving and entering a facility
  • LED lamps pull significantly less energy and can be plugged into a standard wall outlet
  • Manufacturing space is reduced due to the elimination of ventilation system
  • Lower operating cost
  • Lower heat emission (lights do not produce heat, eliminating the need to warm up or cool down)
  • Less heat results in less substrate distortion and eliminates potential fires related to heat
  • Safer working conditions and improved air quality 
  • High speed printing with rapid ink curing, significantly lowering energy consumption
  • 14 year LED bulb life eliminates the use and disposal of mercury bulbs, compared to 1,000 hours of life for a standard mercury vapor bulb
  • Consistent UV output over the life of the bulb

"We are proud to be supporting Empire with our UV LED curing systems," commented Tom Molamphy, Vice President of Sales at Phoseon Technology, "Empire is a company that understands where the future is headed, and has taken a leadership role to ensure their customer's have the latest UV LED curing technology."

The future of manufacturing depends on companies like Empire and their partners to continue to seek out innovative technology to not only enhance their capabilities, but to offer solutions that improve the impact the printing industry has on the environment.