Saturday, August 6, 2011

  • Sleeve combines effective decoration with tamper-evidence
  • Ideal solution for shaped container
  • Conveying the uniqueness of the product

A brand new concept in natural energy drinks is creating the right impact and image on shelf thanks to the packaging solution from Cubis and CCL Decorative Sleeves.


IO Drinks Cubis


Ceethree’s iO, is a completely new energy drink, based on Green Coffee and Guarana, containing a variety of fruits and herbs and free from artificial flavours, colours and extracts.  The result is a fresh, fruity drink that provides caffeine, antioxidants and vitamins in their purest form.

To effectively convey the uniqueness of the product, IO Drinks has selected the world’s first stackable plastic beverage container with a flip-top cap, developed by Cubis Ltd, which has been specifically designed for on-the-go consumption.



Brand differentiation is further achieved thanks to the full body sleeve.  UV Flexo printed in five colours on 50 micronOPS, the sleeve’s design conveys the natural qualities of the product with a matt lacquer effect to accentuate its organic properties.  Equally important, the sleeve provides effective tamper-evidence with perforations for easy removal at the point of consumption.



CCL Decorative Sleeves’ technical expertise ensured effective shrinkage to the container to maintain the quality and clarity of the graphics.

“Ceethree’s iO is a concept brought to life by energetic people for energetic people and it was essential that its packaging reflected both the quality and uniqueness of the product.   Cubis and CCL Decorative Sleeves have responded perfectly to this brief with a fast and professional service.  The result is natural energy in a good looking box.”


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