RPC Bramlage releases new barrier packaging

Friday, August 12, 2011

Injection moulding specialist RPC Bramlage has unveiled a new thin wall multilayer polypropylene pack capable of delivering a shelf life of between 12 to 24 months for a wide variety of food products.

The new barrier technology is achieved by simultaneous injection of skin and core layers, with excellent control of the EVOH barrier layer. This provides a highly effective barrier to oxygen and water vapour. Wall thicknesses as low as 0.4mm are achieved while maintaining all other benefits associated with injection moulding technology.

RPC Bramlage says the technology offers a low-cost alternative to glass and tin formats.





Packs produced using this barrier technology can be sterilised, pasteurised and heat sealed to ensure long-term product freshness. A variety of sizes can be specified and customer-specific designs can also be developed. The packs have excellent clarity and can also be decorated by in-mould labelling (IML), enabling colourful and eye-catching designs to be created to enhance brand image and ensure maximum on-shelf appeal.



“This is a major advance in barrier technology,” comments Alfons Böckmann, Director and Matthias Hammersen, Manager Food Sales of RPC Bramlage. “With increasing focus on the importance of reducing food waste, the extended shelf life of our barrier packs, combined with their ability to maintain product freshness and quality throughout this period, will be of major benefit to food manufacturers and food retailers.”



Source: www.unipack.ru

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