World market leader in diecutting technology taking the next step

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Marbach-Group, world market leading specialist in diecutting technology, is continuing its policy of expansion by strengthening its global presence step by step.

“We have taken the next step towards internationalization“, explains Bernd Klenk, Head of International Markets & Associated at Marbach.
After the first contact with the company Cripack, Colombia’s leading diemaker, had been established in April 2010, the partnership was officially sealed on July 14, 2011.

But why did Marbach choose Cripack? Bernd Klenk continues: “Since the beginning of this year we are highly interested in expanding our worldwide sales’ presence to perfectly provide our customers with Marbach quality all around the world and to guarantee professional
local service. Looking for a strong partner in Colombia we found Cripack.” Last year’s mutual visits, where both companies had the chance to get to know each other,  showed that they might match very well.


Mr. Omar Ortega, Managing Director of Cripack, is absolutely thrilled with his new partner: “Marbach is a worldwide known quality and innovation leader. I had an intense look at the factory in Heilbronn and especially the production processes there. This was absolutely convincing. The cooperation with Marbach enables Cripack to make use of the world market leader’s know-how and new developments. This is how we will be able to supply our customers with a wide range of products and tools in Marbach quality in the future. I’m looking forward to this partnership!”

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