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Ahlstrom to launch Acti-V innovative release paper technology at LabelExpo Europe

Ahlstrom, a global high performance materials company, has announced  it will launch Acti-VTM, a new generation of release papers for silicone coating, at LabelExpo Europe 2011,.


Once coated with silicone, release papers act as carriers of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) labels and must ensure trouble-free label printing, cutting and application at very high speed to a wide range of products.

Ahlstrom has developed Acti-VTM, a new patented release paper technology that will enable silicone coaters and PSA materials producers to increase significantly their manufacturing speed and capacity, to save catalyst and energy costs, and simultaneously improve the product reliability.


This innovative technology transforms an inert carrier paper into an active player in the silicone curing and anchorage process. With Ahlstrom Acti-VTM release papers, silicone curing happens faster and requires less catalyst (platinum) and energy. At the same time silicone anchorage is stronger and more durable, even in challenging environmental conditions.


"This new technology is the result of several years of research, focused on the operational challenges of our customers. The outcome is highly innovative: it will enable our customers to greatly improve the productivity of their silicone coaters and to reduce the total cost of ownership of their product. Our customers will free the full potential of their equipment, gain in flexibility and increase their process efficiency in ways they never thought possible." says Daniele Borlatto, Executive Vice President, Label and Processing.


Ahlstrom is a global leading producer of release papers for the PSA industry. It operates five release liners production sites located in Europe (4) and South America (1). Those plants belong to the Ahlstrom's Label and Processing business area.