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basysPrint improves UV-Setter efficiency with new touch screen exposure unit interface

basysPrint has drawn on its expertise in operating UV-Setters to develop a 'Touch Setter' that features a completely new graphical user interface (GUI) and state-of-the-art software. The new exposure unit interface ensures fast, highly consistent operation via a simple and intuitive touch screen interface. The operating concept behind the basysPrint exposure unit revolves around ‘touch menus’. Fitted with a touch screen, it can be used for file management, ongoing operations, settings, maintenance and servicing. The UV-Setter can also be controlled from any computer on the network, or even via wireless portable devices.

“Today, almost everyone has CtP and systems and devices. But despite significant technological advances there’s still room to improve efficiency," commentsChristophe Lievens, Director of Sales and Marketing at basysPrint. "The new exposure unit control of the basysPrint UV-Setter features an ultra-modern interface that streamlines the way operators work. Plus operators will enjoy easy maintenance, integrated tools, XML-based data feedback, remote control and status checks, and complete control from Smartphones.”


Highly effective exposure unit control

The GUI is brand-new software that controls the exposure unit and provides access to all settings, operating modes, and maintenance and service functions. Even the start-up screen clearly shows what is running on the UV-Setter. The operational screen enables users to easily search by  job name, smoothly change priority of jobs or conveniently re-output jobs as a single separation or even a complete color set.


Calibration of the UV-Setter – which previously could be a laborious process – is now simplified thanks to the test exposure file integrated in the GUI. Features such as priority control can be used to handle production requests, ensuring that all plates from different orders are exposed one after another.

Furthermore, by touching the screen to enter the service mode, operators are able to control all settings for the exposure unit head – even certain exposure unit movements. To align all parts of the machines correctly, the operator can tap the corresponding symbol in the relevant screen. And thanks to a virtual keyboard, entering absolute values is as precise as using an entry screen. Users can also adjust settings to focus the exposure unit head or align and control the speed of the plate charger. Finally, CSV files providing data on plate consumption and operating times for evaluation, recalculations and internal reports can also easily be exported from the unit.


Smarter UV-Setter

The new operating interface can be used remotely, enabling operators to view and control the exposure unit from any location. The number of users that can access the system is not limited by the manufacturer, and the convenient remote control function does not require the user to purchase any extra licenses, ensuring no extra costs. Because this new UV-Setter operating system is similar to the one used on many Smartphones, the GUI can also be used on these devices.


Authorized operators, supervisors or technicians can also control operation of the UV-Setter from a Smartphone. The remote tasks possible from a mobile device include:

· Searching for specific orders

· Checking, managing and controlling the order backlog

· Monitoring the fill level of the plate magazine

· Available plate sizes

· Completed jobs

· Extensive error logging


Available since beginning of this year, all basysPrint UV-Setters are being supplied with the new GUI. It can be localized in any language, including all of the common international languages, such as German, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian, as well as Chinese and Korean, plus more. Next to this, basysPrint has taken into account its existing customer base by modernizing the software of the installed UV-Setters accordingly, starting in Brazil, India, Turkey and China.

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