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Carlsberg Sweden launches EVE on PSL


Application benefits of PS Labels have been the decisive point to switch from paper wet glue to Pressure Sensitive Labels from CCL Label.



Eve by Carlsberg is a refreshing, sparkling and fruity drink with only 3,1% vol. alcohol content. Since the launch of Eve in autumn 2006, the bottles have been decorated with paper wetglue labels. The transfer of the production from France to Carlsberg Sweden was one reason for a relaunch of Eve from paper wet glue to PSL. Another one was the big benefit of PSL application within the production process and to have a good stickability on the bottle due to the special shape of the label.

  • PSL promotes a significantly cleaner operation associated with PS labelling, as there are no glue delivery lines that need to be warmed up at startup every morning and there is no periodic clean up, which is required with wet glue lines. 
  • The line efficiencies are far better and the application performance is great.

CCL Label has been the one who was able to deliver in shortest time. Due to the short reaction time and best support by the CCL Key Account Manager saved the business. The target was to produce a Pressure Sensitive Label with identical appearance of the existent paper label. CCL Label Meerane/Germany printed the labels of the two flavours passionfruit and lychee on a PP material in rotogravure. The important elements such as the glossy effect of the Eve brand name as well as thin ornaments were made of different gold types.


Eve defines a new beverage category, having been specially developed for the women’s market. Eve is brewed based on malt and thanks to its very low alcohol content it is an especially light drink. The 275 ml bottles are available in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark.