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EskoArtwork adds 3D viewing & approval, and iPad features to new WebCenter version

EskoArtwork (, announces a new version of its WebCenter online collaboration tool for the packaging and print supply chain, with new features that remove unnecessary time and expense currently incurred in bringing packaging to market. WebCenter connects, controls and streamlines the complexities of the packaging development lifecycle, centralizing project data and optimizing communication between packaging and print buyers, designers and printer/converters.


WebCenter now features EskoArtwork’s class-leading Visualizer technology. Virtual 3D designs can be shared and viewed from every angle, to communicate realistic final packaging concepts to clients. There is no need to create and ship expensive physical mock-ups – the 3D Viewing and Approval functionality in WebCenter 10.1 enables better communication and verification. Deadlines can therefore be more easily and more cost-effectively met.


New! WebCenter iPad App

Version 10.1 of WebCenter includes, for the first time, the WebCenter iPad App. Users can now unlock WebCenter’s powerful functionality while on the move, consequently speeding up approval cycles. Viewing, annotating and approving designs is a simple matter, thanks to the intuitive interface and fast performance of the iPad App.

Jijo Dominic, EskoArtwork Product Manager WebCenter, comments: “WebCenter 10 has proved to be extremely attractive to packaging converters, pre-press bureaus and global consumer brands. The install base grew from 330 to 385 sites in just six months after launch. This new release is another great step forward for customers. With the innovative new online 3D viewing and approval capability, and the slick design and performance of the WebCenter iPad App, we’ve been true to our commitment to focus on developing packaging-intelligent online collaboration solutions.

“It allows our customers to position themselves as value-adding service innovators, and provides massive benefits both for them and their customers in bringing greater efficiency to all types of packaging projects. ”

3D Viewing and Approval

The integration of Visualizer viewing  in EskoArtwork WebCenter enables an interactive virtual pack shot experience on the web.

Customers can:

· Upload, view, rotate, zoom, annotate and approve virtual 3D packaging designs

· See realistic visualizations of all used inks, materials and finishing effects in their chosen environment

· Eliminate time consuming and expensive approval stages that use physical 3D mock-ups, allowing more time devoted to innovation and speedier completion of packaging projects

· Use their favorite packaging design applications, with integration to Adobe Illustrator, ArtiosCAD and many more; and

· Create, view and approve all packaging formats, including complex, multi-piece displays

WebCenter iPad App

The WebCenter iPad App delivers the full power of WebCenter performance with the convenience of mobile access. WebCenter users can:

· View, compare, annotate and approve packaging designs through a simple and intuitive interface

· View, markup and approve CAD files, PDFs and image files in high resolution

· Use advanced tools such as separation views, ink details, and CAD overlays; dimensions can be measured and document history consulted

· See differences in multiple versions highlighted with a compare tool

· Compare virtual with printed samples through a powerful real-size view

· Manage multiple WebCenter accounts within the App

· Undertake more advanced tasks such as creating projects, setting up approval cycles and consulting on project progress

Further enhancements to WebCenter in version 10.1 are a new Compare mode with a three-window view, making it easier for reviewers to spot differences between documents; and a new Task Scheduler to improve project management. With Task Scheduler, users can try different options and quickly adjust timelines with a few clicks. The impact of such project changes can also be visualized using a Gantt chart view.


WebCenter 10.1 is available now through EskoArtwork and its distribution channels. The WebCenter iPad App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. For more information, go to