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EskoArtwork releases Automation Engine 10.1

EskoArtwork (, announces the release of Automation Engine 10.1, a new version of the world’s leading prepress workflow software.


Packaging and label converters as well as commercial print businesses nowadays are heavily engaged in streamlining internal workflows, integrating business systems, consolidating data and diversifying value-add services. Automation Engine 10.1 software is the gateway to more powerful automation and considerable productivity improvements so that pre-production files are processed more quickly.


ArtPro and Nexus users move up to the next level of workflow automation from EskoArtwork

The latest version of Automation Engine takes integration, automation and central job management even further, especially by introducing functionality formerly only available on the Nexus platform. This helps the many professional ArtPro and Nexus users all around the world to move up to the next level of workflow automation from EskoArtwork.

Version 10.1 features a number of value added items which include:

Ø Fewer manual tasks, greater workflow efficiency with new Processor module – allowing customers to fully automate tasks that are normally carried out manually in the ArtPro editor, saving time and reducing errors.  This includes trapping, distortion, and screening parameters.

Ø Updated PDF technologies – Automation Engine 10.1 has the latest Enfocus PitStop preflighting tools on board.

Ø Integration with entry level business systems – for some time, customers have been able to automatically receive job data and metadata in JDF/JMF format from MIS and ERP systems. Through XML they can now automatically draw job data from non-JDF compliant business systems such as FileMaker Pro, Excel or home-made software solutions. No manual entry or rekeying is required, allowing automated job integration without additional investment.

Ø Tighter integration with output devices – bi-directional communication and status feedback is now possible with HP’s industrial presses for labels & packaging and with the EskoArtwork CDI flexo platesetter. Operators can now monitor status and receive feedback from output devices directly within Automation Engine. 

Ø Simplified user interface – additional workflow logic has been added to reduce human interaction with the workflow, making operator error far less likely.

Simplified Operations

French packaging printer Cartonnages Larré has increased its prepress efficiency since implementing Automation Engine 10, and has been beta testing version 10.1. The most impressive benefit the new workflow server brought to this Folding Carton converter is a reduction from 20 different job ticket templates down to only two, thereby considerably simplifying operations.

"We’ve increased throughput and improved customer service," said general manager Hugues Larré. “Implementing Automation Engine has allowed us to keep the upper hand and maintain a high level of customer loyalty. And all of these benefits have been achieved without increasing staff yet improving our competitiveness."

Dries Vandenbussche, Product Manager Automation Engine at EskoArtwork, commented: “Automation Engine 10.1 will be of particular interest to our Nexus users, who can now use Automation Engine for everything they had in Nexus whilst taking advantage of the substantial amount of features only Automation Engine can do. The enhancements we have made with version 10.1 mark another big step towards ‘lights-out’ automation, and that means that our customers can expect to achieve even lower overall prepress costs by using Automation Engine as the hub of their pre-production environment.”


Automation Engine 10.1 is commercially available worldwide.