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FLEXcon Announces New Film Line Providing Brands with Sustainable Options for Primary Labeling and Branding

THINflex® Reduced Film and Liner Thickness Allows Brands

to Meet Sustainable Packaging Goals


FLEXcon, an innovator in adhesive coating and laminating, today announced the introduction of a new line of “greener” down-gauged films; namely, THINflex® 1.6 mil topcoated BOPP films in clear, white, and silver. By reducing film and liner thickness, FLEXcon is providing converters and brands with sustainable options, which allow consumer packaged goods companies to reduce excess packaging and offer a “greener” product to consumers.  These films are ideal for primary and secondary labeling applications on semi-squeeze and rigid containers.  The new offering is ideal for health and beauty, food and beverage, and over-the-counter pharmaceutical labeling.


“The shift away from excessive packaging continues. We’re providing brands and converters with more sustainable options by reducing the overall footprint of the label components,” says Rick Harris, Product Manager of the Product Branding Business Team. “In addition to meeting sustainable standards, FLEXcon’s line of THINflex® films provides the same level of performance as our standard optiFLEX® films. Brands can be assured that their labels will maintain their current visual appearance and brand image allowing them to attract buyers, drive sales and meet their revenue and sustainable goals.”


THINflex® topcoated 1.6 mil BOPP films offer the same solid-performance characteristics and aesthetic qualities as the traditional films. The white film maintains its excellent opacity in moving from the traditional 2.3 mil to 1.6 mil thickness.

The THINflex® 1.6 mil clear and silver BOPP films offer a 20 percent reduction over the traditional 2 mil films.  The 1.6 mil white BOPP film offers a 30 percent reduction over the traditional 2.3 mil film.  The TRACrite® 92 PET liner offers between 8 percent and 34 percent reduction in thickness depending on the current liner used.


THINflex® products are coated with an aggressive, permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive that adheres to a wide variety of surfaces including low-surface energy HDPE containers, and are backed with a TRACrite® 92 polyester release liner.  Products are stocked in Quick-Ship for fast delivery.


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About FLEXcon

FLEXcon is an innovator in adhesive coating, laminating and finishing of durable materials used in graphics applications, electronics and new products.  Through a culture of curiosity, flexibility and a drive for excellence, FLEXcon is the trusted partner to a wide range of companies from printers and fabricators to engineers and designers developing products for existing and emerging markets. Headquartered in Spencer, MA the company has operations throughout North America and Europe with distribution worldwide. For more information, visit


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