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Jaume Martinez appointed as Comexi’s CEO

Comexi Group, a world leader in flexible packaging technology, has taken a step toward professionalization and stronger growth by appointing Mr Jaume Martinez as their new CEO.


Mr. Martínez who had been acting Managing Director since January 2010, has been appointed by the Xifra family's group of companies as  part of an ambitious new  strategic plan to consolidate its position as a leading global  supplier of equipment to the flexible packaging industry.
Mr. Martínez, an engineer with postgraduate business school qualifications in EADA and IESE, has extensive experience in the capital goods sector where he assumed senior positions in various companies and organizations.


“The executive management tasks have now been designated to the CEO in order to promote the strategic plan that focuses primarily on expanding the range of products to existing customers and taking a leading role in the change towards more sustainable manufacturing,” says Mr. Martínez.


The new CEO thanked to the Family and the Board for the confidence that it has been deposited with him saying "this significant step would not have been possible without the effort and professionalism of our management team, who have managed to succeed in these difficult times.”

After a difficult year for the Group in 2009, due to the economic downturn, in 2011 they expect to be at the same sales level as before the economic crises by recovering previous orders and sourcing new sales on the international markets.


The new appointment has lead to a significant organizational change with Manel Xifra, who had previously occupied the positions of both Chairman of the Board and CEO, continuing on as Chairman.


Since their foundation in 1954 Comexi has been managed by members of the Xifra’s family and this is the first time that a non-family professional takes over as CEO. Mr. Xifra, states that “the professionalization of  management  along with the differentiation of the roles of Chairman and CEO are key steps to ensuring improved decision making and long-term stability as the company continues to grow."


Comexi Group has a workforce of 450 workers and two industrial plants- one Spain and the other in Brazil - and recently took over the gravure technology and business activity of the Italian company Acom.