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The Kennedy Group, in Willoughby, OH officially announced the successful acquisition of Label Technique Southeast based in Pensacola, Florida.  This is the company’s second strategic acquisition in one year.

A logical extension of The Kennedy Group portfolio, Label Technique Southeast was founded in 1979 as a manufacturer of specialty and custom labels serving the food and produce market.  The company produces primary and secondary labeling while leveraging digital printing with sequential numbering and 2D barcoding.  The Kennedy Group also looks to leverage the production capabilities that this plant offers by introducing to its customers new products such as Roll Fed/ROSO films and promotional products.  In the long run this is where the combined entities bring the most value.   The company also offers a produce tracking software, StrataTrace™ that allows consumers to identify where food originates and determine any recalls.



Michael Kennedy, President, cited some key drivers for this strategic move, “The expansion continues our footprint in the southeast while enhancing our customer base and increasing our capacity and capabilities.  We are looking to leverage the additional assets to expand their product portfolio based on The Kennedy Group’s experience today.”



Over the coming months, the company will integrate and leverage the combined forces of four production plants, the RFID Customer Solutions Center, sales offices in Cleveland, Atlanta, Daytona, Orlando, and Pensacola, as well as affiliate offices. The company is poised to grow business opportunities in the Southeast region, adding to its current base of over 3000 clients in 40 states and 7 countries.



The Kennedy Group was established in 1974 as a privately held, family owned business.  The company has grown into a leading developer and manufacturer of labeling, promotional, tracking and identification solutions for such diverse industries as consumer products, health and beauty products, private label, retail, industrial, automotive, material handling, biomedical, healthcare, chemical, and agriculture.



This latest acquisition falls just after the anniversary of Florida Marking Products (FMP) joining The Kennedy Group.  Florida Marking Products was founded in 1984 as a manufacturer and marketer of specialty and custom labels, durable identification products, commercial marking, promotional items, as well as signs to industrial and commercial customers.



“The Kennedy Group has weathered this treacherous economic climate by investing in its business, both in technology improvements and strategic acquisitions. Both of our recent acquisitions help us expand our client base, especially in niche and underserved markets. This position ensures our continued growth, regardless of the pace of economic recovery,” concluded Kennedy.