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KODAK 700 Print Manager Version 3.2 Now Offers Full Support for New AFP IS/3 Standard

Kodak, a member of the AFP Consortium, now offers full compliance with the new AFP IS/3 industry standard in its KODAK 700 Print Manager [IPDS Option]. Capable of driving both the KODAK VERSAMARK VL-Series Printing Systems and the KODAK PROSPER Press Platform, the 700 Print Manager version 3.2 is a digital front end (DFE) and press controller that delivers high productivity, low cost of ownership, and high output quality.






AFP IS/3 is designed to provide smoother integration across the elements of a printing system—including formatters, servers, transforms, printers, AFP viewers and archive systems. The new standard features comprehensive color support, including process and spot colors, ICC-based color management, and industry-standard image file formats such as TIFF and JPEG.



“With this new version, we are cementing AFP’s position as the standard presentation architecture for monochrome and color variable-data production printing,” said Harry Lewis, Chairman of the AFP Consortium. “By improving interoperability of AFP solutions across vendors, we reassure customers that they can design their print environment using best-of-breed AFP components from multiple vendors with confidence that they will work together easily and efficiently.”

The benefit of the new standard is the highest level of interoperability, completely independent of the printing device. Kodak customers with multi-platform technology will now enjoy a plug-and-play experience, because the AFP IS/3 standard enables smoother integration, less customization, and streamlined production cycles.



The 700 Print Manager offers premium workflow flexibility to connect into a variety of print environments with maximum press utilization. It offers the following features:


· provides connectivity, job management, data processing, and color management

· manages printer operation, timing, controls, maintenance, and diagnostics

· connects to desired workflow

· supports a variety of input formats—PDF, PostScript, PPML-GA, PPML-VDX, VPS, XPS, EPS, TIFF, JPEG, AFP, IPDS

· drives high-speed, offset quality digital printers at full engine speeds

· processes 100 percent variable text, graphics, images, barcodes, business charts, tables

· ensures consistent and accurate offset quality output

· integrates with KODAK Unified Workflow Solutions



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