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Kodak Debuts New 400 xLo Chemistry System to Enhance Performance of Market-Proven KODAK ELECTRA XD Plates

Kodak has introduced a new, advanced chemistry system for processing its extremely popular KODAK ELECTRA XD Thermal Plates. The new system, named KODAK 400 xLo Chemistry System, consists of the KODAK 400 xLo Plate Solution and KODAK 400R xLo Plate Replenisher. The system is designed to offer an extended life and increased plate throughput while providing a significant reduction in chemistry usage in comparison to current systems and an overall cleaner working process. The new developer is fully compatible with existing processors and can be dropped in with little additional work required.



Customers tell Kodak they are looking for cost, space and waste reductions, and are conscious of environmental pressures but are not willing to compromise on quality. “We are excited about the benefits our customers will realize with this new processing system, but more importantly, we were committed to making the change a seamless process within their production environments,” said Todd Bigger, Global Current Marketing Director, Offset Solutions, Kodak. “Improved sustainability is a major focus of Kodak and across the industry today, and by boosting performance while reducing consumption, we are helping users make great strides in improving their social, economic and environmental needs.”



The combination of the KODAK 400 xLo Plate Solution and KODAK 400R xLo Plate Replenisher increases usable cycle time from what is currently six to eight weeks to as much as 12 weeks. In addition, Kodak internal testing and beta-site use show excellent dot stability through the developer bath life, less frequent cleaning requirements, and high processing speed for maximum productivity with the market’s fastest platesetter devices. Reductions in chemistry usage are as much as 50 percent or more.



“We had to change our previous chemistry between 3,000 to 5,000 plates every three weeks because it had stopped processing the plates correctly. This meant nearly one day’s downtime and two man days work lost every time to achieve this,” said Jon Evans, Technical Support Manager, Blackmore, Ltd., a sheet-fed and coldset-web commercial printer dedicated to providing environmentally sensitive print solutions, located in Shaftesbury, England. “The new chemistry has been in the processor for more than 150 days (19,000 plates) without a change. This is a huge cost reduction for us—giving tremendous consistency on the presses. By changing the chemistry less frequently and by using less replenisher for each plate, we reduce our environmental footprint.”

KODAK ELECTRA XD Thermal Plates deliver outstanding performance both in prepress and in the pressroom, where they are rated for up to 500,000 impressions unbaked. The patented plate technology of the ELECTRA XD Plate supports high-resolution imaging to deliver consistent, high-quality printing.



The exceptional durability and dot stability of the ELECTRA XD Plates on press provide excellent color control and consistent reproduction throughout the full press run. In addition, the plates provide extraordinarily sharp detail for extremely long, stable runs in both AM and FM applications, while elimination of preheating combined with fast imaging and processing help maximize productivity in prepress.



“We use KODAK ELECTRA XD Thermal Plates for all our work,” said Angel Barragan, General Manager of Altair, a division of Impresia Iberica Group, one of Spain’s largest volume commercial printers specializing in magazines and advertising. “The most notable differences compared to the other chemistry are that it is very clean working and is more stable, which allows us to extend deadlines for full maintenance and replacement of the tank, saving potential damage to machines and hours of required maintenance that stops platemaking.”



The KODAK 400 xLo Plate Solution and KODAK 400R xLo Plate Replenisher have been in extensive beta testing over the past year and are now fully available in the European, Middle East and Africa region. Full availability in Asia and North and South America will begin toward the end of 2011.



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