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MACtac U.K. Ltd improve both quality and customer service by installing the latest highly automated X9 Slitter Rewinder from Ipswich based Universal Converting Equipment.

Universal Converting Equipment have sold a highly automated duplex centre wind Slitter to Bemis group company, MACtac U.K. Ltd for use at their Northampton facility.




MACtac U.K. have a reputation for fast delivery of quality, label product, maintaining this requires periodic investment in emerging technologies.

“When the decision to invest in a new slitter rewinder was taken, our principle considerations were short run productivity and the capability to process label stock and some open adhesive substrates - The Universal X9 with its auto-knife setting, laser core-alignment, auto-roll offloading and automatic tension control (along with the Universal’s experience in handling label stock) made Universal’s X9 a clear contender in our procurement process. The more aspects of the converting process that we can automate, the better service and quality we can offer our customers.” says Rachel Barton of MACtac U.K.




“Working with our sister company Universal Adhesive Systems Limited has given us considerable experience in handling label stock and substrates with open adhesives. We applied our experience to ensure issues surrounding knife cleaning, web-path geometry and roller covering performance were minimised. Also the X9 features closed loop rewind tension (load cells) control as standard, this always gives superior results compares to equipment with open loop control.” says Universal Converting Equipment Technical Director Dave Ward.







The transport that delivered the new Universal X9 also removed the redundant slitter, it was therefore essential that the new slitter was commissioned immediately and without problems. This was achieved and throughout the the commissioning phase not a single scrap roll was produced.



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About UCE:

Universal Converting Equipment are a manufacturer of slitting machines, slitter rewinders, hot melt coating and laminating equipment. In addition to process based machinery Universal also manufacture a long list of other equipment, including (but not limited to) ancillary equipment including automatic core cutters, drive and control systems, web guiding systems and differential winding shafts. Universal Converting Equipment are based in the United Kingdom with installed machines present throughout the world.



Universal Converting Equipment is a trading division of Universal Control Equipment Ltd, which is part of the Converting Technology Group Ltd.

For further information contact Alan Jones, (Managing Director) on +44 (0) 1473 403333, or online at