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Pamco Joins Forces with Resource Label Group

Pamco Label Company (Pamco) and Resource Label Group (RLG), with the assistance of First Atlantic Capital, have joined forces to become one of the ten largest pressure sensitive label converters in the United States.  Pamco will continue to operate from our Des Plaines, IL location with the same people and the same business philosophy, while we draw on the complimentary strengths of RLG to expand our product offerings and improve our ability to serve our clients.




So what is the “only better”?
RLG brings to us a number of unique products and capabilities that were previously not available through Pamco.  These include:


-More offerings in ECLs (Extended Content Labels), including booklet labels
-RFID label and tag manufacturing and technical support
-Additional screen printing capacity (up to four colors)

Our larger size will offer benefits to our customers within our current product offerings.  We will soon be able to do the following:
-Combine our purchasing powers to help offset future raw material cost increases
-Improve our lead times even further, by balancing our workload between our three production facilities
-Provide manufacturing redundancy in the event of business disruptions
-Develop more sophisticated systems to enhance service