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Presstek and Reprograf Sign Distribution Agreement

Presstek, Inc. (Nasdaq: PRST), a leading supplier of digital offset printing solutions to the printing and communications industries, has set its sights on becoming a leading supplier of short to medium printing solutions in Poland after finalizing a partnership agreement with Reprograf.


Founded 20 years ago by president Jolanta Kurowiak, Reprograf, which employs more than 80 people across 10 regional branches, will distribute Presstek’s range of DI digital offset presses and related consumables within Poland. The environmentally friendly, chemistry-free on-press imaging and waterless printing capabilities of Presstek’s DI presses complement Reprograf’s current CTP, workflow, offset press, and digital toner offerings.


Axel Thien, Presstek’s Business Manager for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland comments, “Poland is one of the key growth markets for print in Europe. It’s important for Presstek to establish a strong presence in the region to capitalize on the growth opportunity and more effectively bring the efficiencies of DI printing to the Polish graphic arts market. Our goal is to expand on our previous success in the country and to establish ourselves as one of the leading suppliers of short to medium run printing systems, cost-effectively producing high quality runs of up to 20,000 impressions.” Axel notes that Reprograf is well positioned to help Presstek reach this goal, with its strong knowledge of the local market and its exceptional service and support organization.


Kurowiak adds, “Even though we are seeing growth in the printing market here in Poland, it is a tough market just like elsewhere in the world. Customers want cost-efficient products that will not require them to compromise on quality. We are always looking for innovative ways to meet these requirements, and offering solutions like Presstek DI presses is a key element of our business strategy. With the growth in demand for short run high quality printing and with more cost-conscious print buyers, we are now well placed to provide our customers with solutions that will help them meet these demanding customers requirements.” According to Kurowiak, Reprograf chose Presstek because of the high quality of its systems, and its fast and efficient makeready with sellable print in 20 sheets or less. This reduction in waste and the fast makeready time of a DI press dramatically reduce total production costs and allow printers to process more print jobs every day.


Grafikus will continue to distribute Presstek’s CTP and DI solutions in Poland.