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Sleeve labels – particularly heat shrink sleeves – continue to take market share around the world from the ‘traditional’ labelling technologies – glue-applied and pressure-sensitive. A new AWAreness™ Report from AWA Alexander Watson Associates, Global Sleeve Label Market and Technology Review, provides a focused analysis of current market status and technology, and the opportunities sleeving presents for sleeve label producers, material suppliers, and users.


The report is newly-added to the extensive portfolio of in-depth market studies from business-to-business market research, publishing, and market advisory company AWA Alexander Watson Associates, who have a long-established reputation in the specialty paper, film, packaging, coating, and converting industry.


Demand growth continues

The new study analyzes current demand for sleeves in the labelling arena. Their present share of the world labelling market – 12% -- is estimated to grow at an annual 4.5%-5% CAGR to 2015. This is the highest projected growth rate for all labelling types, and places the technology as a prime competitor to pressure- sensitive labels in premium product labelling applications. Heat shrink sleeve formats dominate usage, with 76% of the market.



Materials trends

The AWA report examines the technology and materials base prevalent across the various sleeving methods. Globally, PVC remains the most-favored material, but with materials such as PET-G, OPS, and developments in film co-extrusions, as well as environmentally-acceptable materials such as PLA, the field is broadening.


A regional focus The study reports on regional market developments in Europe, North America, Asia, South America, and the rest of the world, by technology – heat shrink, stretch sleeve, and RFS/ROSO™/MD shrink sleeves. It then drives down into material, printing and conversion, and application trends, and pinpoints future directions. It concludes with

a directory of printers, labelling machines, and consumables.


The 2011 AWAreness Report on the Global Sleeve Label Market and Technology  Review is available now from AWA Alexander Watson Associates. For a full prospectus, to order the report online, or to view the portfolio of available market research reports and upcoming complementary conferences and events, visit the website at