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Starring Role for RPC Blackburn's Snack Pot




Symington’s has been running a major summer movie tie-in to promote Golden Wonder: The Nation’s Noodle in a Snack Pot from RPC Containers Blackburn.


The instant hot noodle snack makers is an official partner for The Inbetweeners movie, in cinemas since August.


Golden Wonder: The Nation’s Noodle was launched in 2009, followed in 2010 by The Nation’s Normous Noodle, 25 per cent larger than the standard size.


The visual appeal of the brand was strengthened by RPC Blackburn’s use of distinctive black polypropylene and Golden Wonder: The Nation’s Noodle is already worth in excess of £8 million less than three years since its launch.


RPC Blackburn supplies Symington’s with Snack Pots in 430ml and 550ml sizes. The custom pots are injection moulded in black PP and feature vertical flutes to help disperse heat from the top of the container, ensuring safe handling.


The pack also features a generous labelling area, allowing prominent branding opportunities to enhance on-shelf presence.


Since early July, Nation’s Noodle and Normous Noodle pots have been available with limited edition packaging, advertising the comedy film and carrying an on-pack promotion offering hundreds of Inbetweeners-inspired prizes.


The Inbetweeners first aired on Channel 4 in 2008, and the Bafta award winning show gained a reputation among young men for its comedy catch-phrases.


"This partnership with The Inbetweeners movie underlines the success of Golden Wonder: The Nation’s Noodle. A significant part of that success is undoubtedly due to the distinctive, user-friendly packaging from RPC Blackburn,” confirms Daniel Johnston, Brand Manager at Symington’s.