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Fasson direct thermal label facestock from Avery Dennison passes new recycling protocol for PET thermoform containers

Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials announced today Fasson® Direct-Thermal 200HD label facestock with S490 adhesive has been approved by the Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers (APR) for the recycling of PET thermoform containers. The new protocol helps identify a pressure-sensitive laminate that satisfies both the need to adhere and to be removed prior to recycling, thereby allowing PET thermoformed packaging to be recycled in an efficient manner.


The Fasson Direct-Thermal 200HD label facestock is a smooth, white paper with a medium sensitivity thermal coating. A special coating provides protection for the thermal layer and maximizes life of the print head. This product is suitable in a wide variety of direct-thermal printers, especially those typically used in grocery weigh-scale applications. Fasson Direct-Thermal 200HD is resistant to blood, fats, oils, plasticizers found in PVC, alcohols, solvents and vinegar.


Fasson’s S490 proprietary adhesive is an FDA Compliant, emulsion acrylic adhesive with a broad service temperature range. S490 has excellent adhesion to PET and meets the APR standards for recycling when combined with Fasson DT 200HD facestock. S490 adhesive has been approved as an environmentally benign adhesive (EBA) for paper recycling by the United States Postal Service (USPS).


“Avery Dennison is committed to innovating new solutions that reduce the environmental impact across the label and packaging value chain,” said Rosalyn Bandy, sustainability manager, Avery Dennison. “This product launch is part of a platform of technologies designed to support the Canadian PET thermoform recycling initiative.”


In June 2011, the grocer coalition in Canada announced it would require suppliers to shift to PET clamshell thermoformed packaging in an effort to streamline recycling. The requirement, of which the new test protocol for labels and adhesives is part, will become mandatory Jan. 1, 2012.  This product launch is part of a platform of technologies designed to support the Canadian PET thermoform recycling initiative.


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