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Fit for the future with Gallus Screeny Digital

Labelexpo 2011 once again brought together the who's who of the international label printing industry. The focus for Gallus Screen Printing at this year's show was rotary screen printing and innovative solutions, with the centrepiece being the new Gallus Screeny Digital product category.


Stable basis – Gallus Screeny S-Line

Gallus has for some time been setting new standards in rotary screen printing for label printers with the Gallus Screeny S-Line. Customers are impressed by its outstanding quality and the benefits this offers. The innovative fabric structure boasts high strength and excellent resilience, with the ink also separating from the printing plate faster, thus enabling higher printing speeds while maintaining robustness. These features also make it possible to clean and store the screen and to reuse it for repeat jobs.


Gallus Screeny Digital – enhanced development for the future

The Gallus Screeny S-Line has been further developed to ensure integration into the digital workflow, while retaining the familiar, tried-and-tested features. One innovation is the additional LamS layer, which enables direct masking using laser ablation and makes using a film unnecessary. This process offers many benefits – the entire workflow has been standardised and optimised by dispensing with analogue films in the prepress area, thereby boosting operational efficiency and cutting costs. The environment is also helped by the fact that chemicals are no longer needed for film development. This product is supported by a 4-tier service package – Educational Training, Production Support, Technology Support and Product Service. This comprehensive package not only ensures that Gallus customers are fully satisfied but also delivers Gallus service whenever and wherever it is needed worldwide to support customers' production operations.


Numerous visitors took the opportunity to find out about the new Gallus Screeny Digital product category. The main themes were raising productivity in prepress using the new Gallus Screeny solutions and boosting operational efficiency in the entire workflow.

Screen printing – ultimate challenge

These days, product features are becoming more and more similar and shelf lives are getting ever shorter. Finishing, tactile effects and therefore the visual uniqueness of a label are becoming increasingly important. Rotary screen printing in combination printing has thus become an indispensable part of label printing today. The special challenge is to combine productivity and flexibility in the screen's product design. Gallus is paving the way with the Gallus Screeny S-Line and Gallus Screeny Digital and is already equipped for the latest label developments in the beverage, cosmetics and premium foods industries.