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Heineken continues to surprise and inspire its consumers, as it launches its new global brand campaign, with a film titled 'The Entrance'.

Pressure sensitive labels, highly transparent with ultimate premium effect supports brand development and attract consumers.

Heineken, one of the first global beer brand has successfully introduced PS labels for one way and returnable glass-bottles developed and produced by CCL Label.




The brand with its visual appearance meanwhile succeeded to reach iconic status throughout the globe and ensures continuous growth thanks to identical labeling for one-way and returnable bottles. Impressive presented in the TV-Spot 'The Entrance'  Heineken triumphs at the Cannes Lions Festival of creativity with seven awards. The film’s hero demonstrates his legendary-ness by making the ultimate party entrance. ‘The Entrance’ sees the introduction of Heineken’s new universal tag line ‘Open Your World’, conveying the brand’s worldly, open-minded and confident personality.

CCL Label is delivering the labels which are part of successful brand development.