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Kodak Demonstrates Business Winning CTP Flexibility and Digital Printing Solutions for Newspapers at IFRA 2011

Kodak’s continued expansion into the newspaper sector aided by its innovative flexible CTP and Digital Printing Solutions, will be making headlines at the 41st world publishing event Ifra Expo 2011 in Hall B stands 570 and 580.

The Kodak booth will be dedicated to addressing the varied requirements of newspaper and semi commercial newspaper printers, such as fully automated online computer-to-plate plate systems with flexible plate formats offering minimal operator effort, monitoring and intervention.


Sustainable plate and software solutions

At the forefront of any successful business strategy is improving productivity and capital costs. This is why Kodak’s R&D has focused on advantages of thermal over violet technology. Visitors to the Kodak booth will see how its Kodak’s thermal systems have addressed the common environmental issues as well as enhanced sustainability through low chemistry and true chemistry free production.


Kodak will also highlight future development activities with a plate technology demonstration for high volume applications. Improvements are focused on reduced environmental impact including elimination of preheat, reduced water consumption, low chemistry consumption and smaller processing footprint while maintaining or improving the current benefits of robustness and speed.


Non process thermal technology completely eliminates the need for the processor and processing chemistry and all associated costs and processing steps. Non process thermal technology is used by newspaper printers today and, as the technology further improves, the application in the newspaper segment is growing. At Ifra Expo, Kodak will introduce the second generation non process newspaper printing plate. Kodak has already achieved great success with the first generation plate, which is used in over 100 accounts today. Non process technology reduces environmental impact without the need of a processor. It doesn’t need chemistry, chemicals, or cleanout solutions or water to mix with chemistry or wash out the plate. Also it doesn’t require additional energy to run processors or cleanout units or a debris removal system. It eliminates disposal of contaminated water/waste and containers, is compatible with most thermal platesetters  and offers 36 micron stochastic screening capabilities at up to 200,000 impressions in typical coldset web applications. It can also be read by the human eye as well latest inline camera systems.


Kodak is also showcasing KODAK COLORFLOW Pro Software with its Ink Optimizing Solution option within the KODAK PRINERGY Workflow System. This innovative solution can significantly help reduce ink consumption while improving print quality through greater press stability.  COLORFLOW Software can be introduced into virtually any operation, providing print service providers with a complete color management solution.


Kodak’s next CTP innovations

At Ifra Expo, the KODAK GENERATION NEWS Platesetter, updated with new features, will demonstrate its newest features that enable up to four different plate formats to be online, increasing flexibility and uptime for newspaper printers. Significant changes to the platesetter’s interface simplify connectivity to existing and new workflow systems. The platesetter provides job and device status information in an easy to integrate and customizable XML format, saving time and eliminating the need for special modifications to the workflow. The interface has been qualified by all of the major workflow providers.


Customers can now remotely monitor their plate line equipment including the CTP device, processor, and punch/bender, both from Kodak and third party manufacturers via the KODAK Intelligent Prepress Manager (IPM). It is now available for plate lines with the GENERATION NEWS Platesetter. The IPM sends alerts via email or SMS message to operators when the equipment needs attention, so the operators can focus their attention elsewhere without having to continually check on equipment to make sure it is running as scheduled to maximize efficiency and uptime. In addition, the IPM enables managers to make data-driven decisions in prepress using standard and customizable reports on plate line activity.


Speedy delivery from KODAK PROSPER S20 Imprinting System

Also highlighted will be the newest offering in the successful PROSPER S-Series, the KODAK PROSPER S20 Imprinting System with CMYK. Designed to meet the needs of magazine, newspaper, and commercial insert printers with speeds matching those of web offset presses, the system is powered by KODAK Stream Inkjet Technology. It features a 10.6 cm imprint width that speeds up to 60,000 impressions per hour at 600x300 dpi and pigment- or dye-based inks that deliver excellent permanence, rich blacks and water-resistance on a wide variety of commercial substrates.




This innovative solution mounts easily into existing production processes, enabling full utilization of current equipment, while enabling new advertising opportunities with highly targeted products like personalized, variable promotions by location; micro-promotions using geo-coded maps; barcodes; coupons; and variable gaming and contests that can drive increased newsstand sales.


KODAK VERSAMARK Printing Systems: latest enhancements

This latest development builds on Kodak’s market leading position in inkjet technology used to produce newspapers on a daily basis all over the world, most notably at Miller Print in Malta and Cyprus, RotOcéan in La Réunion, Acierta Newsprint in Spain, Newsprint Impresion Digital in Tenerife and Newsfax in the UK.

Ideally suited for small volume newspaper applications, the KODAK VERSAMARK VL4200 Printing System delivers improvements in operational efficiency and print quality to help distributors compete in a highly competitive market.





Kodak has also further extended its VERSAMARK Printing System range with eight new presses offering next generation piezo drop-on-demand (DOD) continuous feed printheads. Its flagship, and ideally suited to the newspaper sector, is the KODAK VERSAMARK 500W Printing System that provides full-color output with more features for customers who need them. Aimed at further extending the flexibility and creativity customers will have in generating new newspaper applications, it features a number of performance-enhancing benefits including a smaller footprint “single engine duplex” configuration which requires less floorspace and delivers better ROI. It is also more cost-effective, reducing the cost per page, has improved the head life, hence requiring fewer head changes and offers enhanced consistency of output at a resolution of up to 600x360dpi at a maximum speed of 125mpm (410fpm).

Kodak will highlight these capabilities and more with printed samples and videos of the digital press in action.



Video:  See how Kodak Versamark VL4200 provides digital print solution for same day