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Kodak’s Doug Edwards Discusses New Technologies and Applications for Print at World Newspaper Congress in Vienna

Doug Edwards, General Manager, Prepress Solutions and Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company will present “Dynamic Innovations for Changing Times,” at the 63rd World Newspaper Congress in Vienna, Austria, on Oct. 14.


The presentation will be part of a discussion session focusing on changes digital technologies are bringing to the news publishing industry and how publishers can use technologies, products and solutions to grow their businesses and reach new audiences. In the presentation, Edwards will examine communication trends and highlight the benefits that news publishers, advertisers and readers can receive from a hybrid printing approach that includes commercial digital inkjet print. Examples include applications for targeted news and advertising delivery, remote printing of foreign and other titles, and even producing unique versions for individual readers.


Themed “Taking Publishing to the Next Level,” the World Newspaper Congress is held by the World Association of Newspaper and News Publishers. The Congress opens Oct. 12 and closes on Oct. 15. It is expected to attract more than 1,200 publishers, CEOs and experts from inside and outside the news business to discuss the future of the news business.


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