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Kodak’s Dr. Dinesh Tyagi Receives the 2011 Chester F. Carlson Award for Electrophotographic Toner Research

Dr. Dinesh Tyagi, Kodak’s Senior Research Associate of Advanced Development, Electrophotographic Printing Solutions, has been honored by the Society of Imaging Science and Technology with the 2011 Chester F. Carlson Award. The prestigious award recognizes Dr. Tyagi for his remarkable contributions to the field of electrophotographic research.


The Chester F. Carlson Award is awarded annually to one individual whose work advances the state of technology in electrophotographic printing. Dr. Tyagi performs cutting-edge polymer chemistry research to develop and commercialize improved toners for electrophotographic printers.


Dr. Tyagi is an internationally renowned scientist, with over 90 patents worldwide, and is highly respected by industry colleagues and academia. Dr. Tyagi has been working with Kodak research since 1987 and is a Kodak Distinguished Inventor.


“Throughout his career, Dr. Tyagi has made key contributions to Kodak and to the graphic arts industry as a whole. His accomplishments as a leading researcher have truly impacted digital printing. We are proud to have him as an integral member of our team,” said Terry Taber, Chief Technology Officer & Senior Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company. 


The research led by Dr. Tyagi over the past 25 years has played a key role in many of the market-leading products and capabilities offered by Kodak. From KODAK NEXPRESS Dimensional Printing System and Red Fluorescing Dry Ink to MICR Dry Ink, matte and glossing techniques, the KODAK NEXPRESS Platform offers a number of differentiating capabilities in the market. These capabilities help users stand out from the competition and expand into new revenue opportunities.


“All of us at Kodak are encouraged to not only pursue our vision for the future of digital imaging but also to develop printing technology that helps our customers grow their businesses,” noted Dr. Tyagi. “It is an honor to receive this prestigious award for my work. My goal is to develop solutions that lead to improved productivity and value-added printing that helps make them unique and differentiated in the marketplace.”


Dr. Tyagi received his Ph.D. degree from Virginia Tech’s Department of Chemical Engineering in 1984. After holding a post-doctoral position at the college, he joined Eastman Kodak Company as a Research Scientist. He was quickly promoted to Senior Research Scientist in 1989 and in 1999, was named Senior Research Associate in Advanced Development. Dr. Tyagi will formally accept the Chester F. Carlson award today at the NIP 27/Digital Fabrication 2011 Conference in Minneapolis, MN.


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