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Rotoflex Sees Rise in Sales Since Labelexpo Europe

Rotoflex, a leader in rewind and finishing equipment, attracted buyers with its sophisticated Genesis advanced control and web handling system at Labelexpo Europe 2011.


This control system, available on every Rotoflex machine, offers a variety of features appealing to converters including 100% matrix and missing label detection (MMLD), optimized label counting and job recall functionality.  Labelexpo provided a platform to build and reinforce these latest advancements to the leading line of inspection rewinders.


Sales of Rotoflex models had already been strong since the launch of Genesis in 2010, but the numbers have nearly doubled since Labelexpo.  Several machines, comprised of VSI, VLI, DSI and DLI, have already been sold as a result of the show.  Some of these machines are being installed throughout Europe, including Wikingraf and KDS in Poland, Oktawest in Georgia, and SATO, a multinational business enterprise headquartered in Japan.


Visitors and machine buyers got a first-hand look with live demonstrations showing how Genesis can impact their bottom line by accurately managing a finishing department’s work flow. More importantly, they learned that the right rewind system must have the ability to deliver high quality rolls to an end-user.  More and more, roll quality, precise tension control and roll consistency are increasingly critical for clear-on-clear labels, shrink sleeves, unsupported film wraps and other sensitive applications.


With the Genesis system available on all its finishing model platforms, Rotoflex is committed to driving R&D to develop solutions that go beyond the traditional inspection rewind machine, as well as integrate more completely with the printing work flow.