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The Aniflo at Label Expo 2011

Labelexpo Europe has been the opportunity for Codimag to introduce to the market the new VIVA 340 press with Aniflo print unit. The keyless anilox offset unit is now available on both VIVA 340 and VIVA420.


During the exhibition we have demonstrated the Aniflo consistency and predictability that reduces once again the breakeven point with digital. As there is no ink key control or roller setting, no ink/water balance, the Aniflo unit offers a predictable and repeatable print system.


Also we have demonstrated the extended gamut press capacity using Esko colour management software in combination with the Aniflo printing unit.


Aside from these great features, Codimag wants to thanks its partners “Toray” and the news paper printer “L’imprimerie (LeFigaro)” and “EPC” who have contributed to the waterless offset promotion sharing their experience on the KBA Cortina waterless presses.