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Lush is a cosmetics company that produces handmade products from fresh, organic ingredients. The company is passionate about its values and stresses that all ingredients are vegetarian and come from companies that do not commission testing on animals.


The company was founded in 1994 in Poole, Dorset and initially supplied to other cosmetic companies including The Body Shop. Lush has seen rapid growth in recent years with over 600 stores in 43 countries around the world.






Lush’s extensive products range from hair, face, body, and foot care, all the way to bath and shower care. The company is committed to reducing packaging waste and encourages staff and customers to use their own bags when ever possible.


AJS Labels has been working with Lush for a number of years to service their labelling needs. Traditional printing methods are unable to meet the huge number of sorts, ingredient changes and new products that the toiletry company demands. A typical order of more than 1m labels can include up to 400 different sorts in batches of anything from 500 to 25,000 labels.


Digital printing provides the perfect answer. With no plates required and virtually no make ready, it offers the only cost effective method of producing such a complex order. Other market factors come into play when considering digital labels production. Many consumer product companies are driving to keep stocks down, so run lengths are shorter and often more frequent. What’s more global SKUs and the requirement for multiple language options is becoming a major consideration.


AJS Labels has recently installed the latest HP Indigo WS600 Digital press with speeds of up to 60m per minute across a range of substrates. The machine is proving to be a fantastic investment and has increased the company’s digital labels capacity by over 200%.