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Silgan Plastics to Install First Avery Dennison Curve Appeal Label Application Machine In North America

Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials and Silgan Plastics are working together to install the first Avery Dennison Curve Appeal™ system in North America at the Silgan plant in Ligonier, Ind. The Avery Dennison Curve Appeal technology, coupled with Fasson Curvy™ pressure-sensitive film, allows home and personal care brand owners to label complex curved container shapes with attention-grabbing graphics.

Avery Dennison Curve Appeal technology allows brand managers and packaging engineers to expand the label footprint around the curves of a bottle. It creates up to100 percent more labeling area and reduces the need for two-ply label constructions because it enables larger back panels to carry more product or multi-language information. This innovative labeling system combines a 360-degree look on a container with the bold graphics pressure-sensitive delivers.


“Our agreement with Silgan Plastics opens up a new visual platform for brand owners,” said Jay Gouliard, vice president segment innovation, Avery Dennison. “Package shape is a key driver for creating differentiation at the store shelf. Avery Dennison Curve Appeal provides brand owners with an exciting new opportunity to enhance the image of their brands by combining the power of eye-catching labels with iconic three-dimensional packaging geometry–delivering the best brand experience for their consumers.”

The Avery Dennison Curve Appeal labeling system available through Silgan Plastics uses a proprietary pressure-sensitive film material in both white and clear that can be supplied through the traditional label converter channel. The linear label application equipment is manufactured under license to Harland Machine Systems Ltd., a leader in the design and manufacture of pressure-sensitive labeling machines.


“Expanding the label billboard creates an exciting dynamic for brand owners,” said Stacy Sheridan, marketing manager, Silgan. “From trials with new packaging shapes to redefining existing pressure-sensitive applications, we’re excited to offer this unique technology to our customers.”


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