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P.E. LABELLERS ADHESLEEVE TECHNOLOGY is a labelling machine using white or clear pre-glued roll-fed films with thickness lower than the films normally used on classic roll-fed labellers.


The pre-glue film is not new is merely the evolution of adhesive tape technology since 1950. Any converter nowadays is able to pre-glue film for labels using standard materials available on the market. In fact the pre-glued labels are easy to be produced and easy to be found.






Due to this innovative technology P.E. has achieved several important goals:

  • sanitary, environmental, ecological: the elimination of the hot melt, the absence of fumes produced by heating the hot melt as well as the elimination of harmful products to clean the glue residuals makes the product entirely recyclable
  • user friendly, reliability, savings: this new labelling machine is easy to use and doesn’t need skilled labeller operators. Being available also with the thermal shrinking system, this technology brings to remarkable savings thanks to the option of creating a Sleeve-type packaging with one labelling machine, only by changing the type of film.

So we can say that Adhesleeve is the most economical and ecological solution for roll-fed labelling. But there’s more! It is also the most flexible, immediate and cost-effective solution for the thermo-shrinking packaging.


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