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European Marketing Dynamics Summit proves to be the place to inspire print service providers and customers using interactive printing

State of the European Economy and Future of Printing Technology. Why is Customer Communications Management getting so much attention? How data collected online can make for better targeted communications offline. Interactive print by using Mobile, Social Media, PURLs, QR codes, and Augmented Reality. Applications for high speed colour inkjet printers. Digital mailbox services, trends in hybrid mail and beyond mail consolidation services. When multichannel marketing strategies include paper. Marketing Dynamics across Europe: trends in communication and role of paper.  Tailormade solutions for the travel and tickets industry. Data Protection regulation in Europe for on line and off line communication.


These are the topics the European Marketing Dynamics Summit addressed in Bruxelles on last 25th and 26th of November. In a time when digital media have shuffled the market of communication the Summit showed to Print Service Providers and end users practical examples on how print can play an assertive role in the development of cross- media campaign.


“Print is a VIP medium”, said in his presentation Danny Mertens of  Xeikon. If this is a belief  which unites vendors, it was a positive novelty to hear that digital communication agencies have also come to the same conclusion:  “Print is the new Premium”, stated Ben Golik of Kitcatt Nohr Digitas.


The message to the audience was clear. Print means authority, makes you feel special, allows privacy time with the customers, integrates with other media in a very creative way.

But not just this. In a world of transitory pixels, we are experiencing a strange renaissance of digital print, which is becoming a platform enabling the move from a simple personalization to truly personal message.


MDS_Stan Lemmens_Digital Media Manager Duomedia Stan Lemmens


“Mrs Sample” who owns many loyalty cards from different shops and receives many letters addressed to her name is dead. Customers like their brands to know them better than this and businesses should embrace digital printing when they have information about their customers which are worth printing, because particular to each of their recepients (beyond the first name).

On the other side, digital communication is not a demon. Digital is collecting content which can be printed, gathering data which can be used and  allows print to become even more interactive. It is an opportunity the printing industry cannot miss.


During the Summit speakers and panellists also addressed crucial topics like Data Protection in Europe with a very unusual session involving lawyers from Belgium, France, Netherlands, Austria, Italy  and Denmark. They answered the audience’s questions about which data can be used in a transpromo communication, to what extent third parties can be involved in a project of personalized communication and how to deal with data coming from online behavioral advertising.




The European Marketing Dynamics Summit didn’t neglect to picture the trends of the printing industry and describe emerging technologies: InfoTrend’s analysts presented the latest data and delivered a series of tutorials on up and coming opportunities.


“Some great quotes heard at the European Marketing Dynamics Summit today”, “The event was even more interesting than last year”, “We have found it very interesting and hope to contribute to the next one”,  “European Marketing Dynamics Summit in Brussels was great. Deserves (much) better attendance” are some of the comments the organizers received from the attendees.


Sixty eight people were at the meeting, which this year has adopted a new format: vendor companies were  excluded, unless they were supporting the educational purpose of the event.


“This was a challenge for us – stated Enrico Barboglio, CEO of 4IT Group – because we knew it would have meant a lower number of people in the conference room. But our intent was and will be for the future, to deliver a very high level of quality, both in terms of content and contacts. Print Service Providers are facing a challenging time and we want the European Marketing Dynamics Summit to be the place where they know they can find useful, independent information and guidance”.

Organised by 4IT Group ( the event is being supported by InfoTrends ( in the capacity of Content Partner.

The Summit is also being supported by several print industry specific associations and it was sponsored by Xeikon (Platinum Sponsor), Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper, Sefas, Affideo and La Poste France (Gold Sponsors), Telemail, Crawford Technologies, Soluzionisubito and Doxee.



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“If you mean it, you should print it” is the motto born during the third European Marketing Dynamics Summit