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Firstworldwide installation of 8-color Durst Tau 150 8C UV Inkjet Digital Label Press

Durst has installed the first Tau 150 8C UV Inkjet Label Press with eight colors anywhere in the world at Commerce, in Montréal, (Québec) Canada.


The company evaluated a number of digital label systems before deciding on the “Durst Digital Label Factory”, the Tau 150 8C and Rotoworx 330 converting and finishing system. “The Durst brand is well known in the wide format printing market, and their reputation for quality engineering and service was important in our decision to buy Durst” explains Jean Brazeau, founder and President of Commerce. With over 50 years’ experience in the Québec flexographic market, Commerce has seen an increased demand for short runs, faster turnaround times; and jobs with added value.

“The investment in digital means we can offer our customers a highquality product without sacrificing turnaround times or service” he continued.