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GPI Releases HACCP Protocols

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a systematic preventative approach to food safety that addresses physical, chemical and biological hazards as a means of prevention rather than finish product inspection (food safety management system) that’s been adopted by government agencies in many countries. Numerous glass container customers have asked their packaging suppliers including their glass suppliers to adopt the approach. Although HACCP wasn’t specifically designed for glass container manufacturing, the basic principals can be applied as a proactive product safety program. To better adapt the HACCP approach to glass container manufacturing, GPI members have come together to produce a generic voluntary Glass Container HACCP Program that’s suitable and tailored for the many different types of glass container manufacturing operations and applications. Members of the GPI HACCP Group include representatives from Gallo, O-I, Saint Gobain and Vitro.


Download GPI’s HACCP Protocols

Download GPI’s HACCP Decision Tree