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Unconventional Wine & Spirits Packaging

Packaging has been the focus in recent years for the wine and spirits industry. The increasing popularity amongst a younger demographic (especially wine) has led to more competition. Thus, packaging that stands out on the shelves is a major advantage. Packaging designers are striving to do things a little less conventional while making the packaging memorable and creating a positive perception for the consumer.


In the case of wine packaging, it started with the label on the bottle itself. Over the past decade, wine’s popularity has increased quite a bit and wine enthusiasts are becoming younger and younger. So it’s only fitting that the wine labels are going to be designed to appeal to its target market. While wine packaging has increasingly become more colorful, fun, and vibrant, designers have been taking it a step further using unconventional methods to etch their packaging and experience into the consumer’s memory. Below are a few examples of wine and spirits packaging that are doing just that.