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Abramo Printing & Logistics Customizes Italian Census Forms using KODAK PROSPER S-Series Imprinting Systems

Italian print service provider Abramo Printing & Logistics has invested in four KODAK PROSPER S-Series Imprinting Systems to print variable data for the ISTAT 2011 Italian census forms. The print house has a long-standing relationship with Kodak. Among its numerous offset and web offset printing machines are three KODAK VERSAMARK Printing Systems, two with two 9-inch inkjet printheads, and one with four 9-inch inkjet printheads.

Catanzaro-based Abramo Printing & Logistics specializes in print management and fulfilment of personalised direct mail for government agencies and major brands, including banks and insurance companies. With a turnover of 40 million euros (2009) and 250 staff, including technicians, operators and managers, the company is one of the largest printers in Italy.

Printing 20 million custom packets

Rino Abramo, Plant Manager explains the company’s decision to invest again in KODAK Technology, “We were looking for a variable printing system that could deliver the excellent quality required for the census project. And given the project’s stringent deadlines and the requirement for 20 million customized census forms, we needed a high-speed system that we could rely on.

“We opted for hybrid printing technology, which uses offset and digital techniques, and decided that the PROSPER S-Series Imprinting Systems were the best equipped to handle the demands of the project.”

Abramo Printing & Logistics printed the census forms using a 48-page MANROLAND LITHOMAN IV Rotary Press with four PROSPER S-Series Systems installed. The rotary press printed the forms in color, while the PROSPER S-Series printed the variable address and bar code information.

The product came out collated on the reverse side and trimmed in its finished format. The bar code was then scanned using a video camera to check its legibility and content, ensuring it corresponded with the variable data on the front, while a database managed the numbering sequence. The entire system was devoted to printing the census for two months without interruption.




Efficient, easily integrated print heads

The KODAK PROSPER S-Series Imprinting System was the first product to use KODAK Stream Inkjet technology. With speeds matching those of web offset presses, the system can be monochrome or implemented with several colors for the integrated production of variable data applications. The PROSPER S-Series System has a print resolution of 600 x 300dpi, a print width of 10.56cm, and uses pigment-based inks offering excellent scratch, fade and water resistance.

Abramo continues, “The system offers flexible assembly options, and it integrated perfectly with the LITHOMAN IV Rotary Press and finishing equipment. The result was a top-quality, integrated offset and inkjet printing system for variable data. And because the PROSPER S-Series Imprinting Systems are so flexible, once we finished printing the census they were assembled on a finishing line dedicated to mailing envelopes.”

The PROSPER S-Series Imprinting System has a top speed of up to 600m/min and can print variable data inline. This saves time and money compared with the traditional, two-step process, which adds offline laser printing to forms previously printed using offset methods.

Mailing and collating census data

All the variable elements of the census questionnaire, including the name, address and specific questions, were printed by the KODAK PROSPER S-Series Imprinting Systems. After printing, the forms were mailed to each Italian household for completion.

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The Abramo Group

The Abramo group has been operating in the printing industry in Calabria for over a hundred years. In the 1990s, it began a diversification process, integrating services related to the development of the “new economy.”

Today, the companies Abramo Printing & Logistics S.p.A and Abramo Customer Care S.p.A are coordinated and owned by Abramo Holding S.p.A, the company that owns all the group’s shares.

Along with the diversification of its graphics and publishing products, the company has added integrated logistics and e-procurement services; mail printing and distribution services; optical document management services; and multimedia contact centre (call centre and back office) services.

Two complementary businesses were added in parallel, generating value through management consulting services for implementing and certifying quality management (ISO 9001), environmental management (ISO 14001), occupational safety (OHSAS 18001), personal data processing (ISO 27001) and ethical standards systems (SA 8000).

This integrated offering enables the Abramo group to present itself as a single partner for outsourced management of CRM products and services.

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