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AVCE Direct Engraving Material Produces Impressive Results

AVCE, a new high-performance direct engraving material specifically designed for laser engraving systems manufactured by Stork Prints and other leading companies, is now available from Anderson & Vreeland, Inc. AVCE direct engraving material is imaged by direct laser ablation in a one-step process that delivers impressive results, including excellent ink transfer, dimensional stability and durability, approximately 30 percent faster processing, and plate resolution up to 200 lpi for flexograph.

AVCE lets you control the engraving parameters that affect dot shape and support, producing precise results that can be formulated to match printing requirements. The ability to directly engrave AVCE impacts the three dimensions of an image reproduced onto the printing plate. Plate relief becomes shallower and more stable since AVCE can be engraved precisely in the third dimension with up to 12-bit digital resolution. Total relief depth and dot support parameters within the plate are not fixed, as physically given with UV exposure. These parameters are operator controlled and adjustable to the density in the design. At the same time, AVCE provides optimum reverse depth in the image without the need to adjust overall plate relief.

Processing plates and sleeves digitally eliminate the need for film processing, exposing, traditional solvent wash and lengthy drying times. Added benefits include better reproduction quality over longer runs, simple changeover, reduced errors, fast turnaround and environmental-friendly plate production. AVCE is a true polymer material, so pre-exposure (required with photopolymer) is not required. This impressive new material is immediately ready for engraving.