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Brilloworld, a leading supplier of plastic films in Southern Europe for more than 15 years, has installed a COMEXI GROUP PROSLIT EIKON slitter-rewinder in their plant in Sant Quirze del Vall├Ęs (Barcelona).

Brilloworld provides the Graphic Arts, Flexible Packaging and Labels/Over wrapping sectors with the widest range of films in the market while offering excellent customer service. Its main markets are Spain, Portugal, France and North Africa. 

In terms of both turnover and profits, Brilloworld has been on the rise ever since its beginnings. In 2001 it had a turnover of more than 5 million euros, and for the first time in 2007 it brought in more than 10 million euros. In the beginning, Brilloworld was focused almost entirely on selling 12 and 15 micron polypropylene for the Graphic Arts sector in Spain. However, since then it has managed to expand to 4 different regions of the world in three business areas, thus broadening its original range with products such as thermoforming BOPP, transparent and metalized PET (silver/gold), COEX, polyamide, aluminum, PVDC and all types of specialties. All the while it has worked side by side with leading suppliers worldwide. 

In 2010, the group’s turnover surpassed 17 million euros thus offering employment to more than 20 specialized professionals. Brilloworld has recently merged its distribution and agency business into one and incorporated its different sales teams. 

In terms of added value customer services, slitting operations have evolved according to the needs of the different markets. For example, in the beginning of 2000, slitting made up only 5% of total sales. Today slitting has increased to encompass more than 25% of Brilloworld’s turnover. With a current total of 4 slitters including its latest incorporation in 2011 of the COMEXI GROUP PROSLIT EIKON, Brilloworld is on its way to becoming a leading company in its sector. 
According to Jordi Florensa Alegre, manager of Brilloworld, “the PROSLIT EIKON slitter represents a commitment to greater added value in service and logistics for our customers thanks to its features and high productivity. With the production capacities and the slitting and rewinding quality boasted by the PROSLIT EIKON, we can offer better finishes on the final product and improved delivery times, thus giving us much more flexibility overall.” 

“It has definitely been a step forward in improving productivity, quality and flexibility. We could see this from the very first day,” sums up Jordi Alegre Florensa.
The PROSLIT EIKON is a slitter-rewinder which has been installed in more than 70 plants worldwide, mainly in converting companies, to increase productivity and improve slitting and rewinding quality. The PROSLIT EIKON has proven to reach a productivity of more than 320,000 linear meters in 24 hours, and in its 800m/min. version it can even reach up to 400,000 meters for specific jobs. All the while it maintains an excellent slitting and rewinding quality. Furthermore, this machine boasts an excellent flexibility in materials it can work with as well as job types. It can incorporate additional online equipment such as: microperforation, macroperforation, bending, inspection, etc. 

Jordi Gorchs, Product Manager of Proslit in Comexi Group and head of installation, asserts that “It is precisely companies like Brilloworld that confirm the flexibility of jobs the PROSLIT EIKON can perform even in customers outside the converting process, strictly speaking”.
Proslit, a trademark specialized in slitting and rewinding, is part of Comexi Group, a leading Spanish company with worldwide presence and more than 400 employees. It has been dedicated to manufacturing capital goods (machinery) for the flexible packaging industry (mainly plastic and derivatives) since 1954. Aside from Proslit, Comexi Group is made up of five other trademarks: Comexi Flexo, specialized in flexo printing; Comexi Acom, specialized in rotogravure printing; Comexi Offset, specialized in offset printing; Comexi Nexus, specialized in laminating materials and Comexi Enviroxi, specialized in offering the industry logistics and environmental management solutions.