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New KHS label lab offers an extensive range of benefits

Fine feathers make fine birds – and fine labels make fine containers! Yet however professionally beverages are produced and filled, if the label's wrong, the consumer is very hard to convince about the product at the point of sale. This goes to show just how important a role the perfect labeling of beverage bottles has to play in the success of a company.


The interaction of several factors in the labeling process has a decisive influence on the overall result, these being the labeler, label adhesive, labels, and of course the nature of the bottles to be labeled. KHS provides comprehensive advice on the optimum symbiosis of the above factors.  In order to provide maximum service in this respect, KHS recently set up an in-house label lab which examines the various properties of labels using state-of-the-art measurement devices. 
The label lab at the KHS plant in Dortmund, Germany, is best equipped for the study of all kinds of label, from conventional cold glue paper labels through self-adhesive labels to film labels and roll-fed labels.  At the lab all labels are tested in full detail under ideal test conditions, i.e. at a temperature of 23°C (+/- 1°C) and at 50% humidity (+/- 2%). 

When a KHS labeling machine is purchased, in the label lab KHS checks whether the label and ordered labeling technology are fully compatible with one another.  At the same time KHS provides advice on the ideal storage and processing conditions for the labels in question (for example on the optimum humidity and air temperature in the plant).  Should labels be changed during the service life of a KHS labeler, KHS customers can again refer their new label designs to the label lab at any time, where they will receive sound and expert advice. 

Another advantage of the new label lab for the customer is that it provides access to a database which is currently being extended.  Based on statistics gleaned from experience, this database enables reliable prognoses to be made as to the effect of certain label properties on the quality of a label.

Yet another outstanding advantage is that the latest industry research is also being applied to KHS label testing.  To this end KHS maintains close contact to various research institutes and label manufacturers, engaging in a permanent exchange of information and experience.  This is just one of the prerequisites for KHS being able to advise clients on the sustainability of their label designs.  To sum up, the new KHS label lab allows KHS to provide customers worldwide with a full consultancy service on all aspects of labeling based on a holistic approach – giving clients the maximum benefit.