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Compostable Labels Now Available

Compostable labels are now available from Convex Plastics to put on Econic® and other bio-degradable packaging.
The new compostable labels are ideal for putting on plain packs and can be custom-printed to maximise branding and shelf appeal.
Developed in partnership with Tauranga’s EcoSavi Group, the compostable labels are an adaptation of Convex’s award-winning GreenSACK™ technology, which easily breaks down when composted into CO2, water and bio-mass from the micro-organism activity. They also incorporate a unique, specifically designed water-based adhesive, free of the numerous chemicals used in traditional adhesives. This enables the labels to break down in just two and a half months after composting.

Convex Plastics Technical Manager Andrew Sheerin says the new EcoSavi labels were developed to provide an economical labelling option for companies not yet ready to custom-print their compostable packaging.
Andy says, “Using EcoSavi will enable companies to use well-presented labels that will break down at roughly the same rate as the compostable pack it is adhered to. The EcoSavi labels are fully compliant with stringent global food and compostability standards and do not require a heat catalyst to kick-start the composting process, which is something that similar materials in other applications require.”

EcoSavi labels are available now from Convex Plastics. For more information please email Andrew Sheerin at
Convex is also in the process of developing recyclable backings for the EcoSavi labels. These are expected to be commercially available within the next six months.