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HERMAperfect technology emerges as standard

Latest innovation from HERMA Self-Adhesive Materials division:
• HERMA is raising the standard with innovative multi-layer products based on HERMAperfect technology.
• Customers to benefit from significant product enhancements and a full service offering – for an unchanged price.
• The first product lines to adopt the new standard are HERMAperfectCut and HERMAperfectTack.


From March 1, 2012, HERMA is introducing a new standard with two innovative multi-layer products based on its HERMAperfect technology. The product lines HERMAperfectCut (with the 62Xpc adhesive) and HERMAperfectTack (62Gpt) will replace the current lines based on the 62X and 62G adhesives. The change will enable customers to benefit from significant product enhancements and a full service offering Рfor an unchanged price. Label printers will now have access to a large assortment of pre-slit rolls in defined standard widths, even when specifying HERMAperfect products. HERMA customers can call off supplies from the pre-slit range for immediate shipping, with a delivery time of just 24 hours not only in Germany, but in many other countries as well. The HERMAperfect products have also been integrated in the net width range. Customers can obtain pre-slit rolls in any width, exactly cut and without any charge for off-cuts. HERMA managing director Dr. Thomas Baumgärtner explains, "We have consistently promised to use the HERMAperfect multi-layer technology to offer all-purpose products with appreciable value-added and the customary service, but without giving rise to extra costs for our customers. We are now living up to that promise." For the time being, HERMAperfectStick (62Dps) will not be affected by the change.


No more compromises
Thanks to HERMAperfectCut, film label producers no longer have to make a choice between good adhesive properties and high converting quality. This is because the dispersion adhesive is applied in conjunction with a new, specially developed second layer. As a consequence, even less bleeding of the adhesive takes place during die-cutting and converting. HERMAperfectCut ensures less contamination of the die-cutters, improves convertibility and die-cutting results, and thus enhances machine performance. The improved converting properties have been achieved, moreover, without any reduction in either peel adhesion or tack.


Good initial tack, outstanding convertibility
In view of its additional second layer, HERMAperfectTack offers high tack even in difficult ambient conditions, such as moisture and low temperatures. And because the 62Gpt adhesive is based on a dispersion adhesive, HERMAperfect¬Tack also offers excellent converting properties – unlike rubber-based hotmelt PSAs. In addition, the adhesive layer with 62Gpt is suitable for direct contact with dry, moist and, in particular, fatty foodstuffs according to trials carried out by the German test institute ISEGA. Thanks to their high tack, labels incorporating HERMAperfectTack are especially suitable, for instance, for the blow-on process used for labelling at low temperatures. In such applications, labels are attached to often cool and moist substrates contactlessly by air. Even in this case, 62Gpt ensures extremely precise application without slippage. The benefits of the adhesive come to the fore in particular when high tack is essential because of different types of board, or when labels are being applied over edges. Since the adhesive allows labels to be applied even at minus 10 degrees Celsius, it is ideal for goods that are to be shipped at a constant low temperature throughout the entire (temperature-controlled) supply chain.